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Raider X
27-06-03, 22:03
To move Lara use the left analog stick.
To move camera in 360 degreese use right analog
stick.If you press straight down on the right analog stick it will position the camera behind Lara!!(This is also good for sidestepping)!
To use the free look camera use R2,also R2 is
used for sprinting when you gain that upgrade!
L1 is for walk! Holdig down on walk does several
things,you can perform a small hop if you hold
walk and press the jump button at the same time!
She will walk backwards if you hold walk and
press backwards on the left analog stick!
Holding walk also allows for the sidestep!
If you tap the walk button, the walk icon will
appear. She will only walk forward! If the walk
icon is on the screen she will jump farther
than she would if you are holding the walk button!
If you want to make longer jumps make sure the
walk icon is not pressent!
L2 is for stealth! Just tap the button and she
will go into th stealth position. Tapping again
will release stealth!While you are in stealth
press th X button to get up against a wall,or
sometimes even objects! Move left or right on
the left analog stick to move against the wall!

Pressing on the left stick lightly makes her walk
pushing harder she goes into a run!

Hope this helps someone having trouble with the
controls!! ;) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

27-06-03, 23:47
Hey.....thanks for the heads up on the controls Raider X:

Im sure many will find it useful over the coming weeks


28-06-03, 12:42
it's not what the controls do that are the problem it's the fact that you are trying to be as precise as possible and tru forward is not forward, depending on the camera angle and you never know when the angle will change

for instance if you go to do a running jump, and are pressing forward the angle changes and by the time you jump you instead go sideways. Or you forget that you must press in the direction she's facing and try to go true forward or true backward instead but it's not like that (it's like in Chronicles when Lara ran up this ledge to get a key and the camera was above her and true forward changed ao she wouldn't go off the ledge at first .......this is AOD the whole time)

28-06-03, 13:26
Thanks Raider X,

I'm sure when I do get the game I'll find this invaluable.

I have been a little concerned about the new control system, and wondered if I'd be able to cope when the time comes. :D

But I'm sure with this as a back up, I'll manage just fine. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

28-06-03, 15:27
Thankies!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif I'll go and memorize that now so that I'll just fly through the "learning" when it finally gets here!

28-06-03, 15:39
Im personally quite looking forward to getting to grips with this much discussed "New" control system!

Surely it cant be as bad as some are saying?


28-06-03, 15:55
The camera part kind of sounds like the way it was when I played Banjo and Kazooie with my grandson. :D (YEA I know)

If you didn't keep control of the camera, all of a sudden the camera angle would change and you would be going in a different direction.

A bit of a learning curve was involved but easily overcome.

Just my $.02