View Full Version : Those of you who HAVE BEAT the game

27-06-03, 22:08
I won't say too much in here, but I just wanted to know if the ending made you a little sad/depressed??

27-06-03, 22:16
Hey JolieCroftTR, I like your avatar; the ending didn't make me sad at all. The ending was more like.."what? hmmm...ok." (haha) It didn't settle every issue which makes us believe that issues will be resolved in the next installments of TR. I wish the game was a little longer though, other than that...no complaints!!! :D

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27-06-03, 22:20
Thanks TRFan14, i was also kind of confused too, it made you think what actually happened to "you know who".... :D

28-06-03, 02:25
:eek: Major Spoilers Ahead :eek: I agree that the ending was confusing but my opinion is that in the sequel we will find out that kurtis is not dead and wasn't the last boss which I hope happens. WHY? Because Kurtis is a bad ass. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/music2.gif