View Full Version : Possible pair of Pistols!

27-06-03, 22:29
Hey everyone! I found somthing on Gameshark.com that is quite interesting. I was looking at codes for AOD with gameshark, and I came across a code that is called: Start Game With R35Pair. :eek: Interesting... notice that it says R35*PAIR*
If anyone has Gameshark Version 3, could you test these out? Maybe there are a piar of pistols, but they're so well hidden that no one has found them! Check out all of the codes at http://www.gameshark.com/playstation2/objects/569037_129.html

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27-06-03, 23:32
I read through Prima's Official STrategy Guide for the AOD and it even doesn't indicate that the're there. Somone even said that(don't know if it is a rumor or not) COre forgot to put them in the game even though they're in the fmv's where it shows Lara in the Louve with Kurtis. BUT with the gamshark anythings possible.

27-06-03, 23:35
I think they're there, it's just that no one has found them yet. Besides, you know how screwed-up the Prima guide is, don't you?