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28-06-03, 05:51
i've read many topics and the strategy guide, but got really confused, was kurtis real or not, was it the nephilm transformed into him during all the game or was it him sometimes and not the other times, and at the end was that kurtis dead or the nephilm turned into kurtis dead? and, if it was the nephilm transformed into kurtis then what was the point of putting up kurtis's bio and all that? since he never really appeared in the game

28-06-03, 07:35
Yea, and i asked if that Shaman lady was in the game and they all say they did not see her.

She is in the Character list and she is the one who healed Lara in Egypt.

28-06-03, 08:05
maybe she'll appear in the later series, but at the end of this game it seems that he(or nephilm) is dead, so he won't appear in the later games?

28-06-03, 08:48
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