28-06-03, 07:47
In the beginning of this level you are susposed to kill the guy that is close to you. When you kill him you are susposed to get a passcode like it says in the walkthrough from this site. There was no passcode!! I have looked everywhere! Not reading the walkthrough prior to this level I continued playing and killed the other two guards. One of them had a passcode and when you reach the top level and you get to the cutscene where Boaz gets eaten by the pod you get the third passcode from the dead guard to the right. So now all I have to 2 passcode and I need three to complete the level. And I am not able to start over from the level. Can anyone help me out? Are there any item cheats out there yet?? PLEASE HELP!

28-06-03, 07:54
you know where you enter that area..and the direction lara is facing, well after i got the 2nd code i went to the left part of the room which is laras left as she enter the room. i found it on the ground then i played that part again and it wasnt there,,,so i kicked the last guard in the area and i found it with him or around him, i can't remember, thats the best i can do

28-06-03, 19:30
I got codes from: The guard I encountered when first entering this area (he approached me from the right), the guard that was killed by the thorny plant, and the guard that I killed after Boaz's consumption by man-eating plant. Maybe that helps?

29-06-03, 04:02
yeah I know...the first guy that I killed which was on the right never had a passcode! And i have looked everywhere and can't find it. Hopefully the cheats will come out soon or I will start over