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15-08-03, 22:26
I'm finished witht he crystals and I am ant theis palce where I have to climb on this wall to get to the top, I'm on a small green platform that I stopped to regain strength but I dont know from where to start in order to continue going up to the top? Which way do I face her? Please respond. :confused:

15-08-03, 22:30
Which level Salim??

15-08-03, 22:33
Its the end of hall of seasons where you have to climb to the top and then go up the stairs to beat this red boss. Which I have no clue how to beat him. I shoot but he wont die or anything and she wont move quickly and stays locked on him.

15-08-03, 22:37
You have to collect the painting from the statue. It's the blue light. But you can't get it (it goes to another staue) until the ghost is stunned. In order to do so, you have to shoot it many times (about 30) with the shotgun. Stay close to the painting (but not too close), crouch (the ghost can't hurt Lara) and shoot it until it's stunned. Then you can collect the painting but you have about 3 or 4 seconds to do so.

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15-08-03, 22:44
Just wantet du add that beating the ghost can be VERY frustrating for all of us. Even hardcore Tomb Raiders! ;) So don`t give up!!

15-08-03, 22:48
I'm on a pc and she wont shoot while crouched and when i loaded it, all i saw was black all around and the ghost. Must of been a glitch.