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Tahir Zia
28-07-03, 08:38
I have recently brought TRAOD. The Problem is that I can't see fmv in the game. e.g starting intro. The files r present in the fmv folder but it didn't run inside the game. Another thing is the graphics of the game is very choppy and not smooth. I already adjusted the configuration but still have the problem.
And How to quick save amd load in the game.
Also My game hangs. The screen go blank and i can hear the sounds of game playing but i can't see anything. Please help me for solving this problem.



28-07-03, 12:11
Hi Tahir

Have you tried the patch (ftp://ftp.eidos.co.uk/pub/uk//tomb_raider_AOD/patch/TRAOD_PC_PATCH_V42.exe)

28-07-03, 21:19
i'm afraid its probably your computer.. i had the same problems on my old computer (not the FMV's though) you should probably get a better video card. It should fix those problems.