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23-05-04, 18:05
I have this game an Playstation,and i was reading, can you get to the secret area on PS@ or just on the PC?

23-05-04, 18:42
If you mean the 'discarded' training level, then yes you can get to it on playstation version.

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23-05-04, 18:52
hmm, thank you. what is the cheat, like do u have topress a series of buttons like u normally hsave toto get it?

23-05-04, 19:00
You need to almost complete the Derelict Apartment level. Trigger the cutscene with the police. You are in the apartment and climbing up the stairs with the gas going off. OK, do a save. Now comes the difficult part.

Go to the pause screen, and then hold down L1, L2 and Triangle. Then release. When you release, you have to press Circle, Up, Sqaure, Triangle, Left, Right - all in quick succession. There is something about the timing of this in order for it to work, and it might take you quite a few attempts. Some people seem to have found it easy, others not so (like myself, who has never managed to make the damn thing succeed) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif

Then if you get it to work, you select Training Level. You have to play over again, but this time, when you get to the ladder, you won't trigger the cutscene with the police, and you will be able to go wandering. Good luck!

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26-05-04, 17:59
Hi, i got the code to work but which one is the training level i'm seeing like Paris1A and stuff like that, Please help!!!

26-05-04, 18:03
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According to the PC version, it's Paris1. I guess it's the same for the PS2 version.

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