View Full Version : Need Help on Hall of Season...desperately

07-01-04, 05:18
I'm stuck on the little green platform...Everytime I climbed the long wall up to the ceiling, Lara looses her strengh way too quick. I've made it up couple of time but she didn't land on the left ledge...she just lets go and fell right back down.

Any idea??? Is there some special way to climb up, I'm I going the wrong way or what?

Please Please Please help!!!!

tlr online
07-01-04, 05:28
Hello and welcome to the forum. If I'm understanding your location correctly: "Start climbing the wall and keep pressing forward. When Lara turns around, traverse forward and then left. There is a small ledge where you can regain your strength. Reach the edge and check out the ceiling. You now have to traverse forward and then left. So, jump up to grab the ceiling and start swinging. Stay on the left and make an open turn. Lara turns around again (to the spot that the ceiling seems to end) and the ledge she has to land on is on the left. So, taking an open turn and keeping her right after turning, she’ll manage to make it (as she has just enough strength to make it). The door opens as you approach. Follow the hallway and head up the stairs. The cut scene shows Lara entering a tomb and reading an inscription."

07-01-04, 14:22
Hi Dissy,

Did you get the strength upgrade before you started your climb. If not you will never make it all the way up.

08-01-04, 14:10
yes get the strenth up grade first or you cant do it, its hard the first climb is not bad but you have to keep her moving dont stop, make it to the first ledge on the left save your game the next one is tricky, dont give up you will make it dont stop or you will run out of strenth, do like the reply above, you can do it.