View Full Version : Did I miss something???

07-07-03, 21:16
I was watching a video of AOD, and in it there was a clip of Lara swinging on a ceiling decoration and jumping onto the front of a statue, nocking it over to make a hole in the wall. Did this not make it into the final game or have I gone a different route somehow? Im definately sure I didn't encounter it.

07-07-03, 21:22
i get the feeling that a lot of video hype for the game never even went into the final release :( she doesn't even get to use her trademark twin pistols (or so it seems) plus i saw a video clip of her jumping out from a corner where she was hiding and shooting (like metal gear solid 2) but alas it was never meant to be :(

07-07-03, 21:27
Yeah i know, even on the back of the game case Lara has twin guns showing, how wierd, CORE and EIDOS u have really gone and done it now, please say there is a way of getting the double guns in the game. Please, oh at the end lara pics up kurtis's Chiraga, i reckon she uses it in the next game, it actually suits her aswell.

07-07-03, 21:29
i think kurtis' churgai thingy means he could be alive cos he's the one who makes it fly around and she smiles at the end. Btw i'll let u lot know if i get the double pistols cos im trying to complete the game with all the special items (well thats what people say anyway) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif