View Full Version : Help! I'm stuck in the Louvre Storm Drain

28-06-03, 12:18
I can't find the last valve. I'm in the room with the horizontal pipe that I go across to the middle walkway, but I can't find a way to get up to the top and find the last valve. Please help!

Melonie Tomb Raider
28-06-03, 12:30
Well, did you look in the room where you first started? There is a valve in there. If you found that one there is one that is realy hard to find. I was beating the game again a couple days ago and it took me a little bit to find it again, and yet I still don't remember where I found it.

28-06-03, 12:37
I did all the ones in the "Main" room with the water flowing down. I did all those and the ones down the "halls". I dove in the water and went to that other room and did one, but can't find the other one. I spent an hour last night just jumping around and walking around that area and just can't find it. The walkthrough said that it was at the end of the broken walkway, and then Lara's supposed to say, "I can jump across that one", and she doesn't say anything.