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25-09-03, 09:59
hi im new to this bord ,

Im stuck :( Iv got to the last platphorm here and picked up a card off the dead man ,i have 3 cards but only 2 work on the big door ?

can any one help me here please .thank you

this is where iam Bio Research Facility (Part Four)

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25-09-03, 10:09
Hello and welcome.

You should have picked up one card from the guy you killed on the ground when you first came in. The second is the dead guy from way up top, and the third is a guy who keeps shooting at you who stays mainly on the platform that is semi-circle with a tree just below where you made the big jump. You probably shot him and didn't go back to get his card.

25-09-03, 10:10
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25-09-03, 10:34
Thank u very much forthe help ,im now on the next level ;)

25-09-03, 17:52
I found the last one deep in the bushes. I guess the guy I killed on one of the top levels dropped it all the way down