30-07-03, 01:26
When I contacted Eidos, the told me it was a savedgame corruption, and to go back to a previous save or use a saved game download. I chose to start the game from the beginning (I had got up to the Sanitarium!!!).

Since then I have had the error in various places, and have reloaded the game from the same point (I had just saved), and it played through OK! So, this can't be due to a savedgame corruption! Where did Eidos get this information? And I don't think we should be fobbed off with saved games. I want to actually play the game, not skip through by loading saved games! And as for Eidos telling me to take it back for a refund!!!! Where is their pride in their product?

I feel that there's been enough people with this problem, for it to be investigated by the programmers. No other TR game had savedgame corruptions, and the law of averages are against it being caused by them!

tlr online
30-07-03, 01:33
Evening Webhead. Suggest alternating your game states across all available slots and therefore avoiding overwriting existing saves if poss.

30-07-03, 01:50
Thanks tlr. Do you know what causes this error? It's the only problem I'm having with the game, but it's a doozy!

tlr online
30-07-03, 01:52
Webhed. Haven't got that far yet. We're still working on why 'Post Processing' on nVIDIA 41.03 dll's causes the 'black screen' error. I don't suppose it will be long before patch v2 is out!

30-07-03, 02:10
Thanks a lot tlr! We're lucky to have you around! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/pillow.gif

30-07-03, 02:45
i've only gotten this error once as far as i know, and its only been on one of the three computers i've played AOD on. I don't really think it has anything to do with the saved games... i got the error after loading a playing one i downloaded. Then later the game worked again so i loaded the same save and it worked fine. So it can't be a problem with the save file... hmm.. i don't really think its a big deal, unless you are getting it all the time.
Maybe it has to do with what type of computer you have? like video card and all that stuff (i'm not THAT computer literate). I think upgrading to bigger and better stuff has solved most of my AOD problems. oh yeah, and the official patch too :D

30-07-03, 02:59
BlackRose, I don't think it's the save games either - or hardware. I have an nVidia GeForce 4200Ti, and I still get the error. This time it hasn't been a problem, but the first time, when I was in the Sanitarium, I couldn't get past it, and I had to start the game again. That's when it becomes a big problem, and there are others who have had the same experience. I just don't think Eidos is taking it seriously enough.

30-07-03, 03:46
perhaps not.. i just got the error again! but at least this time it let me START the game and load saves! it was probably because i've been messing around with me saves.. i'm trying to get a save at the beginning of every level and before cutscenes so i can play/watch whatever i want.
about how Core said you could bring the game back and get a refund.. i think they are confident in there product. i think they are saying if your having such a problem with the game, just bring it back! if your not satisfied, you should get your money back.
me personally... i am satisfied with this game! i think it is great! i can deal with the bugs, i find them hilarious. when you see the bugs in the sanitarium, it makes it less scary (all those darn texture problems).
all i can really hope for is for them to make TR7 more complete, which i'm guessing they will probably do... i'm sure they are getting tons of mail right now about bugs and such........

30-07-03, 03:56
BlackRose, I love the game too, don't get me wrong. And I don't want to take it back, because I love it. It's just that one error, but I feel that Eidos should try and find the cause, and patch it, rather than say just skip it with a savegame download. that's like trying to put a band aid on a broken leg.

30-07-03, 04:04
yes, yes... good point webhead!
you know what i think? i think they should split up into two teams.. one team will 're-make' AOD.. sort out problems, release patches, possibly a new version of the game all together...
the other team should be working on TR7. they should work together so we dont encounter the same bugs we did last time.
if they released like an AOD directors cut or something, it would give them more time to work on TR7 because we would all be busy playing that. i think it would be cool.

oh yeah.. i still blame the errors on my dang computer grrrrrr

04-08-03, 14:35
I cannot ever START the game! As soon as I try the exception handle thingy pops up. I've tried several different savegames and sh-tload of different settings, but so far zip. VERY annoying!!!!
Come on people!! PATCH THIS for crying out loud!!

04-08-03, 16:00
GAME_ERROR_STRUCTURED_EXCEPTION_HANDLE is a memory leak corruption and it's not caused by saved games http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif

Prove: The same savegame works perfectly on one machine and does not work on anther machine. Even on the same machine it's works sometimes and sometimes not. Downloaded savegames supplied by Eidos sometimes works and sometimes not http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

I think it's caused by the wrong pointer address (or NULL objects instance) that points to some structure in the memory where is nothing but garbage. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

04-08-03, 19:51
i'm getting used to my computer crashing.. so when i get this error i'm thankful!! at least i don't have to wait a year for my computer to restart....

04-08-03, 19:55
I've just got to the sanitarium and i'm having this problem too.I have not had any problems up till now http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/bash.gif

04-08-03, 20:20
Jules, that was exactly the same point that I had the problem. Working perfectly up to the Sanitarium, and then the error.

It seems obvious that there is an error. I hope Core is going to fix it.

04-08-03, 20:35
Is there anything I can do to get past this problem as I can no longer play AOD http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/bash.gif I have had no other game problems before this. :confused:

Werner Von Croy
04-08-03, 20:51
The point wouldn`t be after you`ve opened the door with the number on it and have gone through it ,up the stairs to the door at the end?Same bit as me. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/bash.gif

04-08-03, 20:53
Yes that's the place :rolleyes:

04-08-03, 22:35
I had no problems at Sanitarium :confused:

My AOD always crashed near the lasers in Strahov Fortress :rolleyes:

04-08-03, 23:00
i don't know what to say except maybe you should get a saved game from someone past that point...

05-08-03, 06:52
Well, I restarted my Windows 2000, started AOD again, loaded *the same* savegame (that always crashed before) and continue - this time without crashing ;)

So, it's not a savegame corruption :rolleyes:

05-08-03, 12:35
I downloaded a savegame but i'm no happy that I could not finish the level :( We need a patch to correct this mess http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/bash.gif

05-08-03, 13:37
We need a patch to correct all of the messess. :rolleyes:

05-08-03, 17:56
You're right, swimfanc42tr http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Gina Vaught
06-08-03, 01:19
Just wanted to say I had the exact problem in the exact place-Sanitarium at doors. I emailed Edios a few times and they told me I didnt have Direct X9 comp. graphics card. Ever since I installed it, no more crashes. BUT, then I havent been playing AOD as much. Kinda got burned out for a little bit. So I am not saying this would fix your problem, just that you are definitly NOT alone. BLACK ROSE. Good suggestion on team splitting. Kind of like Microsoft with windows. If you already have bought AOD, then for under $10.00 or so, buy a upgrade. <---cant spell very good either. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

06-08-03, 03:42
i've only gotten these errors on one of the three computers i've run AOD on.. i seriously think it has to do with the hardware.. it doesn't have anything to do with the savegames.. however i seem to get more errors after i've messed around with my files a bit.
My suggestion - make sure everything is compatible, e-mail eidos if you aren't sure, they've helped me before with TRC. DON'T mess with your savegames too much or any other files for that matter.. and download the patch :D

06-08-03, 11:14
I got this crash during a swim....about to reach a level after Aquatic Researh Area.All in the sudden being chase by that water thingy,the game crashes...and it really su** a bit time.Well,anyone know why does er...strange graphic TR.AOD?coz..i am having this er..lara's leg pulled to the end of pc screen or knight's head pull long on the floor as if being pulled.Anyone know this?

06-08-03, 19:46
have you downloaded the patch?? that might fix it.. but i really have no clue why it does that.. i'd say just ignore it :D

06-08-03, 23:43
It's not dx9 because I have it, too, and good graphic card - nVidia - and game kept stucking there. First time, I got through it smoothly. Re-lplaying for second time - it kept stucking. I re-installed game and now it workd perfectly. Stupid buggy games..

08-09-03, 11:54
Yep.. it seems DirectX9 compatible graphic card needed (how many of us have such new toy?).

I have GF4200 and I am stuck with that sanctuarium door crash.
And there is no problem with savegames (save that crashes on me works perfectly on my buddys comp with DX9 graphic card).

Maybe it is possible tu downgrade graphic settings? Like software rendering with everything on lowest...

08-09-03, 22:01
---My first crashing problem with AOD was just as everyone else has described and is not DX9 or computer or gamesaves------

After re-installing and applying patch one, and then patch two, and finally unpatched---- the latter finally got me past the crash point, and I'm still playing my AOD un-patched.

08-09-03, 22:50
That is interesting you say there, Ray!
I had troubles playing AOD smoothly in the beginning but second time it goes veryvery well!!!
In the beginning the game was allmost unplayable (veeeeryyyy slow and many delays and freezing), despite excellent specs...
(P4, 2.66Ghz
1024 Mb DDR ram
ATI Radeon 9700Pro
Creative Audigy 2)
XP, and including patch...
so i started to play at lowest ("fastest") settings without any feature but bit by bit playing towards the end of the game, i could increase the settings.
Now i play AOD the second time i can play at HIGHEST settings! Every feature in "setup" ENABLED!

The computer and the game seem to grow towards each other in their relationship. :confused:

09-09-03, 02:13
Joseph---- your comments open up a whole new area of investigation, and I have to wonder if your experience ties into AOD's use of R/W memory--

Seems that the largest block has reserved space for the inventory structure--- which while related to other R/W slots such as money and health (in this area), is likely to be established in different parts of the memory block from one computer to another---- and is likely to differ with unpatched, patch 1, patch 2, OS ver, and goodness knows how many other variables.

The location of the start of the inventory file in memory--- nothing to do with the screen inventory menus-- is set-- at the start of a new game--- by the first item you acquire--- this is stored in a 20 (dec) byte 'slot' that contains info like-- which inv menu, what picture is used to display it--- and all the info of how it might relate with other menu items--- ammo, for instance. The inventory memory storage area is lengthened by another 20 bytes with each object you pick up--- regardless of which category it belongs to.

This R/W area also is used for the temporary storage of the next cut-scene you will encounter!!!!

When you reach a 'Kurtis' level, this inventory file is disabled (not erased), and a jump installed to another memory address--- past the main inv---- and a new inventory started. These areas used are more or less in the middle of the R/W area, between areas used for graphics etc.

Is it significant that our error/crash occurs when there has been some new memory taken for Kurtis's inv., and the fact that at the 'door of death', a cut-scene is about to start?????/

What do you think?

25-08-10, 17:13
Wrong thread!

25-08-10, 18:09
Wrong thread!

Huh? Everything that has been posted belongs in this thread. Plus, you dug up a thread from the actual stone age! :o

lord gaga
25-08-10, 22:25
Huh? Everything that has been posted belongs in this thread. Plus, you dug up a thread from the actual stone age! :o

O my god is thread is old! when tr aod just came out! But it happenes to me in the storm drains.

26-08-10, 07:19
Wrong thread!

How did u...I don't even wanna know.. =__=