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26-06-05, 15:17
As Crystal Dynamics are forgetting the AoD chapter in the series, wouldn't Von Croy still be alive and (kind of) kicking?

He was one of my favourite characters and it was a shame to see him murdered, anyone else want him to return?

26-06-05, 15:21
Err, well not really.

Von Croy was killed in the first cutscene you see after starting a new game. I know some people got confused about Karrel and his shape changing but Von Croy's death was one of the games certainties. He died, Lara was accused and the confusion starts from then on.

Simply put - he's dead.

26-06-05, 15:32
No, Crystal Dynamics are forgetting the whole of AoD therefore meaning that Von Croy would not have been killed as none of that actually happened, so technically he would still be alive.

26-06-05, 15:36
Although TR:Legend will not be continuing from AOD, Crystal Dynamics are not going to ignore what happened in the game, so therefore Werner will still be dead.

26-06-05, 15:38
The story of AOD is not used but not ignored! It would be very unlogic to make von Croy appear. Although I found him a great character I dont think he will return.

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26-06-05, 15:43
^ yep thats pretty much the general vibe that Eidos/CD are giving off.

Personally I hope this is what happens. AOD had a fine story but it would be too big of a risk for them to continue it. That open ended last cutscene was a blessing in disguise - CD can treat the events in AOD as solved from a story point of view.

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26-06-05, 15:43
Toby Gard has already confirmed that none of the characters from previous games play a large role, so I highly doubt that Von Croy will even be mentioned to be honest :\

26-06-05, 16:31
to be honest, i've had enough of von croy. he was starting to get a bit annoying! if anyone should come back it should be carvier and kurtis, and maybe even natla would be nice, but it's now looking unlikely that she will be putting in an appearance. :(

26-06-05, 16:46
I can understand people liking charachters other than Lara but I think the 'villan back from the dead' thing has been over-used when it comes to existing charachters (not in TR, the film/gaming world as a whole).

CD could pull it off seeing as how they are creating their villain from sctratch but I think CD are working from the prespective of new fans as well as old ones.

Us oldies should be content to have a great new game while new fans shouldn't have to do tons of research to understand the story.

26-06-05, 17:00
CD have stated in an interview (not sure which one) that they are not ignoring the previous games. But this does not necessarily mean that it will continue their story. It simply means that if a charcter dies in one game, he will not appear alive in TRL.

Gard has said on record that no charcters from Lara's past will play any significant role in TRL. This dismisses our previous ideas about Natla or Von Croy being the villains.

26-06-05, 17:22
Von Croy was so annoying! With the training in tr4 he was always showing off when it was so easy to beat him at the end, and after you beat him he gets all stressy with you?! And loadds of other reasons, but u get my drift...

Tomb Raider 5194
26-06-05, 17:33
I agree with ror Von Croy is very annoing

26-06-05, 17:53
maybe the other guy from TR4 will be in legend or the priest

I must agree with both of you i thought von croy was just a wanna be show off...if he was so GREAT then why did he injure himself...huh huh thats what i thought!!!!!

Daniel Le grand
26-06-05, 18:03
i dont hate Werner(lol im so friend of him i even call him by the 1st name), but ppl would hate more if he comes back, even who likes him, i mean he died and we saw it, then suddenly he's alive? would be a little creepy and weird.

26-06-05, 19:07
yes! I love Von Croy!!!! I hope that he is tr:Legend

Sorry my bad engilsh! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif

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26-06-05, 19:19
I think von croy is die, ** A+++++
but one question, tomb raider legend have it been sold out ..??

26-06-05, 19:28
to be honest, i realley hate von croy, don't be mad, becuase ,think back to tomb raider nr 4, he started at that game and to tomb raider angel of drakness, i realley think that enough von croy , the story with von croy can stop now, i'm after a NEW tomb raider game with a NEW story, and i hope that the legend will be the right, i NEW STORY , its the same STORY after and after....
****sorry my english i very bad****

26-06-05, 19:34
Soss, your English is fine http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

But back on topic, I highly doubt (I should say, I am certain) Von Croy won't return in TRL. He's dead, he's done, he's gone forever. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif I wasn't a huge fan of him either, I'm sort of glad he's gone. He always upset me and I found him to be very stuck-up and annoying.

27-06-05, 16:58
He's dead. If the TRL is taking place after AOD *which its been confirmed* then he's gone foh sure. Thankfully.

Power Crystal
27-06-05, 17:51
I never like Von Croy either, it was funny when lara pushed him in AOD, he got what was coming to him...death!

28-06-05, 03:24
I don't think he can return in any other way than in a flashback maybe; he was murdered in AOD, not presumed dead but dead for good.

Even if there's absolute no reference to AOD in TRL, I think the developers are going to take into consideration all the facts from the previous games.