View Full Version : Lara can't swim in TR Legend?

26-05-05, 05:59
I just finished downloading the Game Spot TRL Preview video, and in the huge waterfall a cut-scene shows Lara dive in the water and then the player take her control back once she is out of it.
Does that mean that Lara can't swim?

26-05-05, 06:11
Its still early days yet but I'll go out on a limb - swimming will defintley be in TRL. We are going back to basics. Swimming - how basic is that?

26-05-05, 06:20
Of course she can! I cannot imagine a TR GAME whitout swimming!It would be a strike for us.

Mary CF
26-05-05, 06:21
why is this even a question? I don't understand why this is being asked at all.

Taking away Lara's ability to swim would be like cutting off one of an olympic (or any kind of) runner's legs.

26-05-05, 08:29
Too early to say anything, but I seriously doubt they'd take away our primary fun, swimming http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

26-05-05, 08:32
I'm totally sure swimming will be in the game.

26-05-05, 09:04
I cannot imagine a TR game whitout swimming!!!

26-05-05, 12:27
Yes this is such a stupid thing to be asked, not being rude or anything, but how could someone possibly think Lara not being able to swim. It's just crazy. Lara can definitely swim http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

26-05-05, 13:13
Well lets hope.

26-05-05, 13:27
Swimming will be in TRL! Not having swimming is like not having double pistols! It is a TR tradition to have swimming.

They are not ready to show us everything yet. Lets face it, if they showed us every bit of info they have, then what is left for the next 6 months? The smart thing to do is release info in gradual amounts to maintain a perpetual level of hype.

26-05-05, 15:03
who knows they might have a new way of making her swim and dont want to show it we'll find out 1 day

26-05-05, 16:24
Sorry :(

26-05-05, 16:27
If anyone has doubts about her swimming here is evidense that she will be able to =D

26-05-05, 16:33
^^^^ How is that evidence ???? Its a picture of lara swinging on a rope !?!?!

26-05-05, 16:35
um, how does that show that lara will be ablt to swim? the picture is of lara swinging past a waterfall on a rope? Oh, i get it lav, do you think that she's underwater in that pic? Oh i don't know, but from my perspective it looks like shes swing ing past a water fall on a rope.
i THINK SH'E LL be able to swim, why wouldn't she be able to? its been in all the other games, and CD said they wanted to take this game back to bascis so they should include swimming as it was in tr 1 and 2 and 3,4,5 and last but not leaset 6.

26-05-05, 16:51
rofl, oops didnt look very carefully... ignore my stupidity!

26-05-05, 17:49
Of course she will be swimming! I think we shouldn't have the slightest doubt about that. The developers just haven't shown everything - and most probably they will keep many things for the final release http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

26-05-05, 17:51
Originally posted by Danny Rex:
Sorry :( No need to apologise Danny! This forum is all about sharing ideas, doubts and questions with each other. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

Power Crystal
26-05-05, 17:53
Obviously Lara'll be swimming.

To0omb raider
26-05-05, 18:19
i cant imagine a Tr game without a swiming lara
-_- oh plz but really i didnt c any scene in all trailrs lara swimming
we cant jugde until we c more trailers and sences
dont forget there is more inforemation about the game in june 1
thanx Danny Rex ^^

26-05-05, 19:44
I tkonk the only reason why Lara didnt swim on that movie because it was a cutscene. Looking at camera angles and all.

Daniel Le grand
26-05-05, 20:01
they'll put it, as many other moves they didnt showed but we know that are going to appear, like sprint, crouch, monkey bars, vertical poles, now they're just saying "hey we put cool moves back and created some cool new moves as well", and since swimming and stuff are very basic and not very impressive look, they're not showin' them.

26-05-05, 21:53
In the game play
trailer there is a gap filled with water but instead of Lara swimming she brings over a crate to satnd and float on.

26-05-05, 22:08
I don't think I've seen any TR game without swimming involved.

26-05-05, 22:14
my god i cant imagine lara without swiming , and if you see the movies from the ame you will se that she goes to the strange door that she kicks when she cames out of the waterfall , and of course whe will swim , ok lets imagine that is just a video about th waterfall but then you can drop in to the water againg , is just there, or there is a fence lol is just that they show the essential things like new moves and all that , no one its going to say oh my god look how she swims now i want that game lol....

26-05-05, 22:46
that would be the worst thing ever if lara couldn't swim. First, is was the first every to have fully swimable worlds that were realistic. Also nothing yet has beat tomb raider when swimming.

27-05-05, 11:49
She swims in the version i have. Am guessing in the movie clip the swimming animation wasnt final so was editted out.

27-05-05, 15:11
I guess I was just a litle worried about Lara not swimming in TR: Legend. But you're right, it will not be a Tomb Raider if Lara can't swim :D

27-05-05, 15:12
They will hopefully put it in before the release, maybe thats what we will see next?

27-05-05, 15:13
Jay walker what version is this !!! send a link in please lol

27-05-05, 23:53
lara WILL swim in the game but i hope not alot because to me its just boring...thats just from playing other TR games so maybe this could be exciting...anyways they should change lara swimming...i dunno if its me and i cant put my finger on it i hust hate laras swimming movements