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Smith will Suffice
06-10-04, 01:50
i read the other post about carvier and was baffled by it.

firstly, she IS dead. it is so clear to see in the convo lara has with janice. what the hell else would they be talking about? how do u figure she isnt dead?

secondly, how can u possibly like carvier so much? we know NOTHING about her. she bothered me alot. the voice actress they used couldnt speak properly to begin with. she couldnt enunciate correctly. she mumbled words and slurred them together.

so what exactly is appealing about her?

if crystal dynamics is intelligent, they will totally leave out all secondary characters from AOD. all antagonists should be eradicated.

the last thing they need is people remembering AOD characters, especially since they are developing the new TR game. there is alot of pressure on them...they shouldnt include characters from AOD...it will look pathetic and desperate. they need to make new ones, fresh ideas. not dwell and linger with characters from a game with a bad name. or pple will automatically play TR7 with a negative, pessimistic viewpoint.

we need a FRESH start for TR.



06-10-04, 02:28
That is true about Carvier...What is so appealing about her? But wouldn't it be weird if they didn't continue the story. I would actually like the story to continue...

Smith will Suffice
06-10-04, 02:30
i really dont think they should continue it......they REALLY need something new and original.

toby came up with it many years ago when he first invented lara and tomb raider and now that hes part of the team, he just might reinvent the series and make is great again!!!


06-10-04, 11:59
but it has to follow on slightly,as in tr2 had slight giudelines 2 tr1 etc. then last revalation, chronicles and AOD just followed strict guidelines between them, http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-3.gif

06-10-04, 12:08
AOD doesn't need a sequel, as it's quite complete in itself. Which means all-new story and all-new characters. No Carvier, no Von Croy, no undead Eckhardt and...isn't going to happen but I WOULD like to see Kurtis again.

06-10-04, 15:15
AOD should be buried to the very depths of hell and forced to rest in peace http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/violent.gif

06-10-04, 15:36
Madam Carvier was a rushed sketch of a character better off in a school library somewhere than appearing in Tomb Raider computer games.

Add me to "Wtf are we even debating this for?" club