View Full Version : KV5 !!!

28-07-00, 22:00
Hey Jenna!

Don't worry about my Burial Chambers question coz I've finished that and now I'm on KV5! What does KV5 stand for by the way?! Cheers mate! Can you give me hints about how ot get out of KV5? Don't tell me exactly or I'll just be lazy! just point me in the right direction!
THANKS! http://www.metropolitan-internet.net/tlrboard/smile.gif

29-07-00, 05:09
Hey there Chick-pea!!! To be quite honest I have no idea what KV5 stands for. Hey I cant know absolutely everything I guess!!! Haha. Anyway if your wanting me to point you in the direction of the finish, you have to drive out onto the dunes. I'll give ya one more little hint, when driving on the dunes stick to the right. Good Luck!!

30-07-00, 11:36
No need to help me Jenna coz I managed it without ya!!! Sioz darlin'! But I've got the hang of it!