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04-06-05, 19:49
TRL is coming out on the following consoles but what about other ones. What would you like TRL to be released on? Post in your thoughts. Thanks! :D

So far:

XBOX 360

Possible choices:

Gameboy Micro
Nintendo Revolution

04-06-05, 19:51
I would love a TR on the PS3!

04-06-05, 19:54
tht would be the best!(ps3) and im hoping tht since they are releasing ps3 after the xbox 360 they are going to anounce it soon

04-06-05, 20:17
TR probably wont make its debut on the NEW next generation consoles until the 8th game.

The only reason TRL will be on the 360 is because the 360 is already so close to being released (it will launch around the same time TRL is due to drop in stores).

04-06-05, 20:19
Will be released for GAMECUBE toO...

ben croft
04-06-05, 21:04
Originally posted by Lara's baby:
I would love a TR on the PS3! Agreed http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

05-06-05, 00:16
I think it won't be out in any other platforms, because when PS3 is out, they will be working on TR8 already, so it would be great to see a new TR game developed exclusively for the next generation systems (the Xbox 360 version from Legend, probably will have upgraded graphics, more polygons, but anything that will push the hardware to it's limits I think).

As you know the Xbox 360 will be out this year, so maybe this game will be one of the first games to be released on this console http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif