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25-07-01, 22:04
Hi Gang
In level 5, one needs to (apparently) pick up TWO aviary keys. I got the first (in the bridge/monkey room). The second is in the water-filled "pit" in the island. My problem is this: I cannot get down to the key, retrieve it, and get out before the fish kill laura. I've tried everything I can think of to no avail. there simply doesn't appear to be enough time. Anybody solve this problem, and willing to offer advice?

woodcutter :confused:

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26-07-01, 16:39
wait for the pirahnas to swim away from the pit. then if they get back to you use hotkeys for medikits to keep lara alive. oh, and dont waste time.
phil ;)

26-07-01, 17:14
Thanks for the help. I am still somewhat stymied however, as i don't know how one maps a hotkey to medikits. I know how to see how the various keys are currently mapped, and I suspect I can figure out how to remap one to a function, such as running forward. But how does one map a key to a medikit?

Also, I just tried to get down to the key, and grab it, but Lara seems reluctant to grab the key once the fish begin to attack. Any thoughts there, or is this just a matter of continually trying until you just happen to get lucky on one pass?

I REALLY appreciate the help, by the way. Thanks.



26-07-01, 21:07
Unless youre "0" & "9" keys dont work or youre playing on PSX, remapping shouldnt be a problem. if you are it is possible to go to the inventory to use medikits without wasting much time.
As for lara not picking up the key - are you dropping into the hole then walking to the key, because i find you can bend down to pick up the key before the fish get to you - they only get there once you have it.
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