View Full Version : My first TR modified image!

19-06-05, 18:24
Pathetic. This is something you do not want to see.

19-06-05, 18:29
Don't remove this! This is the correct one!

19-06-05, 19:20
Try to have a little patience when pressing the Post button. Just because you don't get something back immediately sometimes, doesn't mean the data wasn't received. If you are uncertain, load the main page first and check before hitting that button again. ;)

19-06-05, 20:00
Yes, but this time it was just that after I put the link, I don't know why, I always end up sending the post instead of previewing it!

19-06-05, 23:51
Make that the Preview button then, the button at the right, not the left! ;)