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Hey guys hope you like this, it comes in installments and the first is now and the next i will post in a few days!!! please tell me your thoughts!!!

Tomb Raider and the
Quest for the Leviathans Eye©
By: Nathan Ellis

Lara stood upon the roof of her mansion, staring longingly at the stars. She had never been into space, but she hoped that in time she could go up and see it in its great entirety. She sighed and turned to face her butler, Winston, who held a tray. Upon the tray was a steaming cup of coffee a lit candle and a black file labelled For Lara Croft’s eyes only. Lara’s eyebrow raised and interest flooded her mind.
“What is it?” Lara asked, taking the file from the tray and examining it.
“It seems like somebody wants your help, either that or its something that somebody wishes for you to examine. I’m sure all will be revealed inside” Winston looked quizzically at Lara and motioned for her to open the file.
Lara picked up the candle, opened the file and read aloud what was written.
“Dear Mrs. Croft, I am writing to ask for your assistance in collecting an ancient mythological item known as Leviathans Eye. I have heard from a colleague of mine that an ancient burial ground was found in south-east Asia and that this could be a hotspot for gold, treasures and Levitations Eye. I took the initiative to contact you and in doing so I hope you will reply swiftly granting permission to have you accompany me on this adventure of a lifetime. I embark on this excavation on Thursday and will be arriving at the drop-off point at around 12:00 midday. If you would like to join me then please turn up. I believe you’re most likely to have heard about this already and have already scheduled to take a look around. I would be most grateful if you would contact me on the number below…”
Lara slammed the file shut, threw it into the air, swiftly removed one of her pistols from its holder and repeatedly shot at the file until it landed before her feet, smoking with multiple bullet holes and letting off a burning plastic smell.
“And what was the need in that?” Winston asked.
“Target practice. This could turn out quite an experience… Not an experience worth missing.”
“So you will join them?”
“It’s what I do best… Besides I sort of miss being chased by machete wielding corpses and attacked by ravenous boars” Lara broke out a smile “The money side of it is also good… Who knows what treasures will be up for grabs there!”
“That’s the Lara I have grown to love… Never afraid of what lies beneath.”
Lara put her arm around Winston and walked him into the house.
“Contact Darrel for me and tell him I want him to bring his helicopter here at 0700 hours… I’m going to Asia!”
The next day 06:45am
Lara dressed herself quickly and put on her holsters. She grabbed her bag from her bedroom table and opened her cupboard door. Inside were thousands of medi-packs, flares and a couple of boxes of different ammunition. She put two medi-packs into her bag along with two boxes of flares and a box of multi-ammunition. She walked over to her bed and took her pistols from beneath her pillow and put them into their holsters.
“Lara? Can I come in?” Winston asked from the opposite side of her bedroom door.
“Yes” said Lara abruptly.
Winston opened the door and stepped into the warm room. Lara’s fire was blazing and a sweet scent filled his nostrils.
“I just wanted you to have this” Winston edged towards Lara and held out his hand. Lara put her hand out to take whatever it was from him. Winston opened his hand a dropped a small vile of green liquid into her hand.
“And this is?” Lara was confused and lifted the vile above her head examining it.
“I think this will come in handy.”
“Of course… But what is it?”
“I myself do not know what the contents are… But I do know that whatever is inside will come in handy upon your travels.” Winston smiled at Lara and turned to leave.
“What time is it?”
Winston raised his arm to look at his watch.
“Well... Oh no you’re going to be late! It’s already nine o’clock”
Lara sprinted out of her bedroom vaulted over the banister in the hallway and waved as she sped out of the door leaving Winston bedazzled.
Lara was running across her gardens as fast as she could, jumping through the obstacles that she had put there for rigorous training. She could see the helicopter and Darrel waiting outside, patting his foot on the ground.
Lara jumped up into the air, grabbed onto a window ledge, pushed her legs out flipping herself over backwards landing on top of one of her 14feet tall training blocks. She then ran to the edge of the block and jumped as far as she could go, making the gap by far and landing right next to the helicopter.
After a short conversation about the whereabouts of the eye the helicopter began its lift and was soon hovering high off the ground and heading in the direction of the burial site.
“Another one of your adventures Ms. Croft?” Darrel asked from the pilot’s seat.
“A journey into enlightenment fits the application more precise… Business is Business and life threatening crusades are part of the regime. Since when did your curiosity get the better of you?” Lara spoke stern but friendly.
“I’ve taken you to many different locations all around the globe over the many years and never asked you about any of your work. I think I’m entitled to know a little about the things you do whilst in these locations” Darrel joked as Lara put her hands on the glass window and peered down into the minuscule landscapes beneath her.
“Some things are best left unknown. Besides, if you’d rather I hired you as my personal shoe buffer instead and got somebody who isn’t as nosey to pilot the helicopter then that can be arranged” Said Lara with a You-wanted-to-know look on her face.
Darrel decided he would be quiet for most of the journey to the burial site. He decided that reasoning with Lara was like dead end traffic.
Almost 4 hours later
Lara jumped from the helicopter and gave a friendly wave to Darrel who sped away into the horizon. She walked towards the burial site and examined the lock mechanism. Nobody seemed to be around. Her surroundings were vast mountain ranges that looked as if rain had never touched the earth. Lara was thirsty already but she didn’t intend to let that stop her. Lara thought she would explore for a while. The locking mechanism on the burial site door seemed to be operated by the insertion of a rather large key. Lara knew where she would look first…

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