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05-09-05, 18:05
I have a brilliant idea. In the 'I hate Kurtis' club(in which I am active) a lot of people talk about what would have made Kurtis better. Well, I came up with the idea for a contest to see who can re-create Kurtis. =D

Pretend you are one of the creators on the brink of giving birth to Kurtis, and create him how you want. His appearance, his personality, his job, his relationship (Enemy/ally/lover) with Lara. His name stays the same though...
Kurtis lovers are welcome to this contest if they'd like. I don't know, they may like how Kurtis is already and don't want to change him.

I'd like to ask the great gods of the forums (the mods) if this can be an official contest if there is enough people willing to apply.
*does an animal sacrifice to the mods (jk)*

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05-09-05, 19:12
*an animal sacrifice has been accepted* :D

if this can be an official contest if there is enough people willing to apply.
Can't we just post pictures in one topic (like here)? < my opinion. BUT if other mods and members will be willing to apply, then... well then we'll see.

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05-09-05, 19:20
Thanks Apofiss!

Anyone else?

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05-09-05, 19:26
SydneyFox, the only thing which isn't quite acceptable is "hate or love Kurtis" > contest shouldn't be connected with that.

05-09-05, 19:35
Oh, I was just afraid that people who really like Kurtis would take this the wrong way. I originally had "re-create Kurtis contest" and I thought that they may not like that and think i'm just attacking Kurtis again, when I'm not. Its just called: Kurtis contest.

[edit] I mean well really.... please don't hurt me.....T.T...I keep making you mods mad....

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05-09-05, 19:36
There IS no "'I hate Kurtis' club" on this forum.
There are a lot of threads, where members disagree about this character who once appeared in TR:AOD. ;)

05-09-05, 19:40
Ok, ok, there just forget I ever said that stuff about the club and hating and loving, the point is I want to see what people can come up with!

05-09-05, 19:43
"re-create Kurtis contest" > sounds good. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

05-09-05, 19:54
I guess you can edit the title....
Anyways, back on topic, so joseph, would you like a contest such as this?

just croft
05-09-05, 20:00
I think its great, the contest and apsfiss's title. I'm gonna start drawing him.

05-09-05, 21:12
It's sounds fun for my http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

06-09-05, 13:50
Originally posted by SydneyFox:

Anyways, back on topic, so joseph, would you like a contest such as this? With the new title: "Re-Create Kurtis Contest " -oh yes, why not? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

06-09-05, 17:19
ok, I'll give it a shot.

UNCM acrhives: Trent/Kurtis/

Classification: delta2

Authorisation granted, access denied for sensitive issues.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1970 he was the son of a wealthy American businessman and a well known Brazilian 'excentric'. Mr Trent (senior) had no idea of what he was getting involved in with his frequent visits to the 'Lightbringer' club. Miss Juliana Tavares, back then a 'priestess of light', was to be the future mother of young Kurtis.

As a child he exibited the 'unusual' characteristics common to many of the Tavares family. It was with growing anxiety that Juliana noted the 'curse' of her family develope in the young child.

Unalerted to the potential of his son, Mr Trent did not suspect a thing. Foolishly, Mrs Trent had entered a state of denial. Unwilling to accept the matters in hand, she kept the knowledge to herself. Mr Trent knew nothing, her family knew nothing, more importantly, Kurtis knew nothing.

In 1989 Mr Stephen Trent was killed by rebel guerillas out to make a name for themselves by killing one of Brazils most prominent investors.

The effect on Kurtis was immediate. Storms racked the city when the news was broken to him. For months afterwards rain fell and the city was grim. Suicide rates increased dramatically and vigilanteism became inreasingly commom as people took the law into their own hads in attempts to right many petty wrongs done against them. Mrs Trent was a lost cause, denial became her life. She refused to believe the most obvious things, even when confronted with the evidence. It was obvious to any outside of the city that she had lost her mind.

Overlooking the city Kurtis was approached by his remaining family. When his true nature was revealed to him, he accepted it with his typical grim resolve. When asked to undertake the necessary training and conditioning the young psyker laughed.

(Quote)- 81% reliabilty

"My mother has betrayed me, my father father too busy having fun to look out for his family. You people only take interest once your own pathetic lives are under threat. I owe you people nothing."

Kurtis dissapeared from the world for several years. Rumors of service in the French foreign legion would seem to fit with the 'disillusioned young man' reputation often associated with the legion. His exact time of re-appearence was in 1997 when he was serving with the 'Black Earth' mercenary organisation. Contact agent <access denied>, or Lieutennant J. Morris for more infomation.

His involvement in the Nephilim 'Incident' are of great interest to the UN, however facts remain thin on the ground. Lady Lara Croft has commented briefly on the incident but was not pressed for information due to the debt owed to her for the events on <access denied>, as well as the sensitive nature of the issue.

After the Nephilim 'Incident' trent returned to his ways. Unfortunately his sanity could not be vouched for and a full investigation was launched in June 2004. The results were disturbing. See file reference <access denied> for more information.

A UNCM kill team under the command of <access denied> was dispatched and tracked Trent to <access denied>. The rouge psyker had, unfortunately <access denied>. With no other option available <access denied> challenged Mr Trent to single combat. The result was <access denied> but Trent could not match the finely trained skill of his opponent and was eventually felled.

The issue of rouge psykers plagues the world still, see file reference 08.11.05/B for more information.

06-09-05, 17:37
Good one! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

08-09-05, 17:40
Woow, I just read through all that and that was impressive!

I want to see all the stuff with the <access denied> stuff though. =)

I'm looking foward to seeing more of these.

I might post one recreation here, but I'm lazy right now...

08-09-05, 18:47
Every time I read access denied, I wanted to hit my computer in frustration...T.T

Really good stuff.

08-09-05, 18:58
That's really good, crux2! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

10-09-05, 23:04
Er..what's a "rouge psyker"? Is it like the incredible Hulk, except they turn red when they get mad??

Just kidding, I'm sure you meant rogue, but the mental image just made me smile. Good go anyway.

lorien elf
24-09-05, 02:54
I think it's a cool idea to re-create Kurtis, though I could not do it. lol. great idea though. no more takers?

24-09-05, 11:52
Anybody made a pic of his new appearance?