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hey this is my first time posting in this area. someone said i should post a story i thought of earlier so hear it goes. tell what you think please! Im still writing some of if so it not 100% done.

He only knew one way to the safe haven he called Earth, and with his wound oozing warm blood down his leg his of getting there were becoming slimer. He could feel his gut tightening with each stride. Tears rolled down his face, not because he knew he was going to die, but because he knew he would die in the hell. He had to think of something, anything to distract him from this though. "Was this what my father went through? Will his last breath be mine?" He erased this thought as quickly as it started.

He steps echoed hauntingly down the hall. His wound was becoming numb. He knew his time was running out, but he made it this far only 7 more stories until bitter sweet freedom! As he walked he dreamt of the salty ocean air on his lips. He never been to an ocean, even with his vast travelings. He needed to go there someday...after this. No matter what he thought of his mind was always lead back to his hell. His own special hell.

Lara enter the blood rusted circular room. An all to familar memory came back to life. There in the center of the the room was a darkened body of her commrad and lover, Kurtis. She didnt dare go up to him. She knew this was her fault. If she had stayed with him he might of had a chance with that mence of a creature...was it the same woman that was fed to that thing?! Just then a thought came into her mind were is the creature at? She pulled her gun out expecting the worse. "Where is she?" After a fre minutes of being tense Lara knew something was wrong. She reluncetly walked to Kurtis' mangled body only to find that it wasnt Kurtis! A glint of gold came came up from ahead, ingoring the body she cautiously peered into the darkness. Its was Kurtis' weapon! Hope cam flooding through her! She dropped down t her knees and let out a slaughter laugh that was follow by a single tear. "He's alive!", she boasted. A grim thought came to her mind when she seen blood on her hands. She looked down at Kurtis' weapon only t notice a the ohter sided was stained with blood that only could be his. She griped it tight, so tight her own hands were know bleeding. She stood up and let the weapon flow free to its master. There was still time, but not much. She need to hurry, and now.

The stories passsed one by one, each one getting longer, each step getting more heavy. He still felt the blood go slowly down his leg, this he was used to know. The chilling part was it felt like ice. His time was coming closer...so was daylight. He tried to move over a body that had fallen from his presence at the sanatarium but he fell on top of it. Pour soul he thought.. lost in a place like this. Probably had a wife and kids still crying every night waiting for him to come home. He didnt want anyone crying for him. He sneered the pain away and continued on.

His though went to a open meadow, a bustling city, and once more to a ocean but all like before he ended up in this place. For the first time since Boaz he though of Lara's beautiful brown hair. her solf face, enough if was a little dark. He wondered what pain she went though to become that way? At that very spilt second he heard a suffling of feet. It was Lara! Somehow she got ahead of him! He was going to get out of here anyways! He pushed with all his might to run toward the sound. He stoped dead in his tracks. There before him were a dozen zombies craving for food. Cold sweat ran down his face and he could feel his own hair turn white. It was all over. There was only one way out he felt for gun harness. He felt the smooth siler of the gun. He pulled it gingerly out and pointed it inward. What a ackward sensation it felt. He put his finger on the trigger. Finally this was going to feel so good.

After an hour of backtracking her way through wicked catacombs of mad researchers she finally made it into the tower. According to a map she found there were 7 more stories until she reached the city. Only seven... if Kurtis was still down here he would be somewhere in middle she guessed. She could almost taste his lips. She was so close to him. She started her long trek up. Before her foot touched the step she head a nearby ring of a gun! She needed to go push herself more. She needed to go faster!

A zombie fell before his feet. He didnt have the courage to take his own life away, and for that he was proud. He had one once of stregth in him. He already knew he was going to die down here, but her would fight to the death. He punched the next zombie out, pistol wiped another, backed up, and shop three at close range to the head. He continued this fight until there were three zombies left. He cliped another round to his gun and fired a shot knocking back a zombie. He felt his fingers pushing again on the trigger. This time it made no sound. The gun was jammed. He quickly through the gun at the wounded zombie and turned to run, but was grabed down by the other two. He felt his back scratched and he could feel the long dirty finger nails get stuck deep inside him. he managed to wiggle free of their vise. He crawled as fast as his body willed. He didnt even reach 100 ft before he collasped and gave up. he fought but it was already over. he knew exactly when he was going to die. before the zombies ever reached him his eyes faded into a black hell. all the chaos suddening stoped and he was drifting into vertigo. What a sweet surrender it was.

Lara Croft?! Where am I?? Is this what hell feels like? Why are you with me Lara? He tried to say everything at once but it was impossible. He heard a weird foriegn sound. It gave him a headache beyond belive. Then unwilling his sight grew dark again and he faded away...

His face was pale and a strand of his hair was white. Whatever he went through it subtly changed his facial features. He looked more rugged then before. He truely went through hell and back. Everybody did. He looked so sad.

Kurtis opened his eyes to see pure red. He felt so weak, he tried to get up but that proved to be a laborous task. His eys focused to see a beutifully painted picture. Confusion dewled in his mind giving him a sudden burst of strength. He got up from his bed but his feet support him. He colaspeed by the bed yelling for help. He heard a heavy foot step coming closer, then a gorgious angel walked in. It was Lara.

The short burst of the M16 gave Lara comfort. She stood erect waiting for her target to appear. Once she had it in sight she let out another fire. After her daily gun training she went up stairs to the Croft Manor. She turned a right into the ball room, then went into a opening into the dining room. Winston and her tech team were already there discussing random facts of life. Lara grabing a plate reached over for the salade bowl and sat down. They greeted her and continued on. She picked up a fork and started to eat. Between a crunch she sat up and listened. The others followed. She heard someone screaming, she knew exaclty who it was. She ran out of the dining room out into the main hall and a sharp turn to the right. She turned again at the top of the stairs and passed her bed room to the guest area. She pulled the key from her pocket and opened the door. He was awake.

"Where am I" yell said fast. Lara walked up to him and help him get back up on his bed. "You opened your wound again. Lay back." Kurtis felt his chest up there was no banage. Just what felt to be a scar. Lara noticing the confused look on his face spoke up. "That wound all ready healed. After all you been in a como for almost a month. When I found you had a piece of flesh bitten from your neck and your back was scratched almost to the bone. I cant seem to get you neck wound healed." Kurtis looking into Lara's eyes sat up again despite what Lara had said. "Wheres my backpack at?" Lara pointed her finger toward a bitten grey pack. "Hand me it please." Lara finish redressing Kurtis' wound then got the pack to him. He opened it and held out a small jar of looked like yellow worms. "what is it?" Lara asked curiously. "When I was heading pack from the room where we got sepreated i found this jar and a note by it. When the scientist created those zombies sometimes they got bitten. If they didnt take care of the wound they would contract a diasease and die. Only problem was if they did take care of it if would never heal. They created these hybrid leaches to not suck the poison out but to put a vaccine in you. Just put it on my arm and leave it ther for a 4 hours." amazing Lara said opening the jar and setting a yellow leach on his arm. "I hope this works." Lara said worried. " get some sleep, well talk later."
Before she even finish Kurtis rested his head on the pillow and fell fast asleep.

there the story so far the next one will be about this related to turkey and legend

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I ready said this but who cares I think the storie is coool

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I think will be the last part of my story
here it goes

Kurtis woke serval hours later feeling heathly as ever. His face was still different but the lost sad look on his face was replaced with joy and renewed hope. Lara sat over him watching him, never taking her eyes off him. Not even once.

The leach had its feast for a day and his flesh wond already looked better. Lara gingerly picked it up and put it back in the jar with the other ones. "feeling better" shes asked happily. "all thancks goes to you he answered" came the responce. Lara came closer to him their eyes meeting for the first time since he fell asleep.

"good" she said pressing her body against his. Their lips touched for an instint. It felt like am erotic shock go through both of them. Kurtis kissed her neck then placed his hands on her stomach. he slowly moved up her chest. She thrust her hips towards him still making love into the night.
( i didnt know how far a could push the envolpe so i kept it safish)

Lara woke up at dusk moving her arm on to Kurtis' chest. She felt around but Kurtis had left. She looked up to see if his belongings were gone but was relieved when he enter from the bathroom in a towel. They both stared at each other for an intense moment, then they broke into laughter about what they didnt only hours ago. Lara watched as Kurtis got dressed. Lara then got out of bed and put on a tank top and a sky blue skirt. "I could get used to you dressed like that" Kurtis said staring at Lara. "Like-wise. Lets go down and eat. We need to discuss something."

They both walked down stairs to the kitchen. After their meals Lara lead Kurtis to her Study back up stairs. Lara pulled a book from a book case and it opened up to a secret room with a huge teloscope. "what is this place?" kurtis asked. "its where i study for every mission" lara turned her head back to him, then continued on to another book self. she placed her hand on a book. "and what does this book do?" Kurtis said laughing. ironicly Lara looked at him and said "its amazing it theres words in it!" They both laughed and sat down at a nearby table. "but really what is this?" Kurtis said more seriously. Lara opened to a certain page and begain to read about 5 paintings. He knew where this was going. Lara only found 4 paintings.

Kurtis stopped her reading and looked at her. "Where is it at?" "Let me look", she turned a few pages and then found it, "it said they were all made from a underground city. If it was anywhere there would be a good starting point." "Right. At daybreak im heading on a plane to go there." Kurtis said looking away from Lara. "Okay im coming with you." Kurtis stood up and walked towards the door. He turned toward her and spoke up, "No, this is something i need to do. My father was murdered my those monsters. as long as a painting or one of those things exsist the world will be danger." "thats crazy! you cant go alone!" Lara stood up in protest but Kurtis just opened the door and left. She ran after him, trying to stop him. He walked into her garage and pulled out a bike. "your leaving now!" Lara shouted agaist the engine of the bike. "if you love me youll let me do this, if i survive well spend the rest off our days together." "and if you dont." Lara begainto tear. Kurtis didnt answer, he jsut left her alone in the cold dark garage.

Lara walked back to her study to put away some books. When she was done she just sat down and begain to cry. Winston knocked on her door saying that she had a phone call. She wiped her tears away and picked up the phone. "hello?" she asked.

In hour passed and the deal was comfirmed. Lara lefted both studies and came down to dinner. In the middle of it Lara spoke up. "on saturday im leaving to africa." Then she got up and walked out.

well theres the end

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thanx spounge bob

SpongeBob Lover
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Hopefully you write more I loved the storie especially the part not for kids I loved the storie your a good writer and I love that there a lot of drama

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wow tzzhola89, brillaint!! short but still brilliant. You are a good writer, i hope you continue it soon. I like to know what happens next.

SpongeBob Lover
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I can't believe Kurtis fans are not reading this this is such a cool storie KURTIS FANS APORT IMIDIANTLY AND READ THIS!!!!!!!and write about what you think!!!!

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i am kurtis fan and i love it! it was fantastic and i cant wait for more to be written!!

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thanx again but really its nothing...if i do have time later on i might add on something but just skip the legend part and bring the focus souly on kurtis....thanx again :D

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