View Full Version : Theme Lara!

11-09-05, 20:33
This is a post to see if anyone has anycool ideas for adding lara and combining her with a theme. Like ill start of with iLara

I was wondering wat else people can come up with.
Could be making a Tomb Raider Rollercoaster to a TR Shirt to a cellphone, anything u guys can think of

if u have anycool pics u made like this post them here, id love to see what some people make.

in a sense its like commercializing her.

11-09-05, 20:36
hmmm hard question...
lara on a coke can maybe? to boost up american consumer-ism :D

ben croft
11-09-05, 21:32
Good idea. SpitFire, I like your new avatar http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif