View Full Version : How many Lara Croft Novels are out there?

spix's circlet
02-10-05, 03:24

I am looking around for some Tomb Raider novels; did a quick search:

Are any quite good? Are they well-read? I am particularly intereseted if the first game has been transcribed into book-form.

tlr online
02-10-05, 03:26
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Have a peek here:

www.tombraiderchronicles.com/novels/ (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/novels/)

02-10-05, 05:30
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just croft
02-10-05, 11:38
Hi Spix's, you can all so find fanfic's HERE (http://www.fanfiction.net/l/438/3/0/1/1/0/0/0/1/)

spix's circlet
02-10-05, 12:40
Thanks a lot all! Mike Resnick's novel sounds ok. At Amazon someone gave an interesting comment:

"There was no introspection, almost no effort to present what she was thinking or even feeling. Dave Stern did a great job in this very area in the Cradle of Life novelisation, and this book was supposed to cover an extremely traumatic part of Lara's life, so it was generally quite disappointing in that area. Also, in the fight scenes the author just describes what happens. There is almost no effort to make us feel like Lara's life is threatened. The fight descriptions are pretty good, and certainly clear about what's happening, but there's no tension.E.E. Knight's The Lost Cult seems to be well received. Gardner's Bronze is apparently faulted with technicalities and cliché dialogue. But I'll defiantly get them I think, for the holidays. I mean, I've read the Halo novel as well – I'm not expecting Raymond Chandler. :rolls eyes: I've heard the comic books are cool as well.

Hi Spix's, you can all so find fanfic's HERE (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2564190/1/)A great collection of fanfics there. But I think I will have to play through the series first - again - as I haven't for so many years now. And it enjoy it. Jealous? Ha-ha. :D

Soma Holiday
02-10-05, 17:40
I LOVE the Halo novels, RE ones too, the TR ones are ok, but The Amulet of Power is the best one, even with it's flaws of repetitiveness. The Lost Cult is horrible in my opinion, it's just so generic and unbelievable. The Bronze one was pretty good, but the dialouge did have its problems, and the overall story didn't feel like TR.

Personally, I'd stick with the Fanfics lol. They know there stuff. ;)

02-10-05, 18:08
I have all 3 too and i agree with Soma, lost cult was pretty boring but i loved the amulet of power, n the last was ok.

Soma Holiday
04-10-05, 01:29
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Lost Angel 21
04-10-05, 01:50
I got all three off of amazon.com in April, I think. I still haven't finished The Lost Cult yet. I liked The Amulet of Power also.