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08-10-05, 09:36
Seeing how successful the banner competition was, I figured a sig competition might be cool.

What's a sig? Sig = signature image. It's a small banner sized graphic, usually under 500x150 pixels, and can depict anything you like - but normally something that you want to represent you, like a linux penguin, a computer game character, a drawing, a photo, etc.
Here's some examples if you still don't know what I mean:

Yes I know you can't use sigs here, but they're fun to make just for the heck of it. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Submission information:
Your sig must be under 500x150 (that's length x height)
Must include your name somewhere on it.
Other than that, you can do whatever you like.
Due 20th October.
Voting will be done by a panel of graphic artists. An explanation of why the vote was cast will be given by each voter, outlining the positive and negative artistic/graphical factors of the sig they choose.
The winner gets bragging rights. ;) Enter for the sake of having fun and improving your skills, not to win anything.

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just croft
08-10-05, 10:06
thats nice but you know this forum doesn't use sig's.

08-10-05, 10:08
Hmmm, sounds fun! I really wish this forum had signatures. May I ask why doesn't it?

just croft
08-10-05, 10:14
I don't know Why it doesen't but if this competition worked it could be a start for them.

08-10-05, 12:11
Originally posted by Lavinder:
I really wish this forum had signatures. May I ask why doesn't it? How far I know, because forums would look too colourful and mixed, kind of would look messy.

Geck, how many sigs can we make? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

08-10-05, 20:43
You can make 2, Apofiss. Once you've entered your 2 though you can't change them.

just croft - I know they're disabled, but like I said in my first post, they're fun to make just for the heck of it. :D