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Dear Lara,

Here is the information that you requested on Operation: Silent Hunter. My apology for the delay but this is some high level **** that you asked for. Remember! You must destroy this once you have read it! If you get caught with it you can kiss good by to your ‘heroine of humanity’ reputation that the brass seems to have of you. I put my ass on the line here so you owe me one for this.

I hardly think I need to repeat myself but I will say it again, do not tell anyone! Not even Xavier, ESPECIALLY not Xavier now that I think of it. Don’t know why you’re so interested in the guy, ‘damaged goods’ if you ask me. Too caught up in his work- understandable though, considering his history. Heck, I assume far too much, for all I know your just interested.

This ain’t word for word from the archives but it’s the basics of what happened:

Upon the conclusion of the investigation launched by the UN in 2004 Kurtis Trent was deemed to be ‘apostate psyker’ threat type ‘Beta III’. The solution was immediate and brutal- Elimination order, response type Delta I. A kill team, recruited from the special operations: SE1 was despatched within hours of the reports conclusion.

Xavier, having been recently promoted to the elite 1st company, was attached to the SE1 team as an observer. He was not in command (as the archives you read suggest) but it was him who killed Trent in the end. I don’t know why Xavier was attached to a covert special op. – he’s a field commander. He can handle it fine, but it just doesn’t make sense- the kill teams were designed for this so that guys like Xavier could fight the big-scale battles. The only clue I have is something called ‘Operation: Urban Blight’. The details of this are beyond me but it seems likely Xavier was a part of this too. I don’t know – go figure.

Operation: Silent Hunter commenced on 1st December 2004. Our information analysts had traced Kurtis Trent to the Strahov fortress in Prague. Guess that Nephilim **** meant more to him than he let on. The kill team entered the Strahov in the early hours, Lieutenant Holfburg has left many a complaint about why the facility was never purged, the higher-ups were apparently planning to adapt it for UNCM use but the Czech government were stalling for time and unwilling to release it. Ignorant *******s, every team they sent in there never came back, think they would have taken the hint.

Anyway, once inside the special ops. guys met little resistance until they got to the sanatorium. “God damn freak-show” was the only thing I got out of Sgt. Black. Apparently Trent had infected the minds of the inmates who were still alive inside the fortress. How they survived is a mystery but Trent was clearly ‘gone’ by this time- the ‘survivors’ had been mutated by the exposure to his raw psychic energy. ‘Awakening’ is the slang term for what he did. Basically he activated the part of the human brain that allows access to psychic ‘powers’ – telekinesis and the like. Trent had bent them to his will and they threw themselves at the kill team like ravening beasts whenever they came across one.

1:32:54 into the mission the teams psyker detected Trent. (I should have mentioned before, the UNCM has a group of sanctioned psykers fully trained for a multitude of roles. The addition of a UNCM-trained psker in ‘witch-hunt’ ops. is mandatory). The team found Trent in a large room, Sgt Black described it like an engine room or generator of some sort. He also said something about a “pig-dog freak” that was already dead, dunno what he was on about, guess it was another of Trent’s abominations.

The description of Trent himself is sketchy, Black was getting suspicious about my questions and I couldn’t afford to push it- at all. Hope you understand. What is clear is that he was every bit as powerful (and insane) as the report suggested. He was preaching some crazy **** about revenge- you know how it is with people like this. His psker drones made and en-masse appearance and the kill team was bogged down. Trent was doing some psyker stuff, hurling lightning or whatever. Xavier was the one to break the deadlock by challenging Trent to single combat, Trent agreed (from what I know) and the two met blade to blade. Xavier was easily the better swordsman but Trent’s psyker skills and his witch-weapon (Chirugai?) gave him an unnatural edge. The details of the duel are nigh on unattainable without asking a witness directly but the outcome is well known. Xavier was able to strike down his foe and the kill team was able to mop-up the rest of the psker runts their minds having been broken by the psychic backlash of their mind-host.

That’s about all I can get without asking Xavier or one of the kill team- this is impossible. I shouldn’t have risked talking to Sgt Black, I only hope he was drunk enough to have forgotten.

Hear from you soon, and remember you owe me big time!!!


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glad that at least you liked it mary http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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Love the ending!
Hmm...wonder if Lara got the letter... :D