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Hey everyone, when im bored completely and got nothing else to do, i normally sat and wrote about a Tomb Raider series, i thought wouldnt it be great 2 create a series based on the games, i am writing season 1 based on game one, the series borrows ideas fromthe games and the Movies. Here is my first episode of Season 1, the Pilot if you want it 2 be.

Piolit= Ancient China, a monk runs through a deseted town clutching his side, he can hardly see were he is going because the mist is so thick. The Monk ends up at a dead end , four men with sharp blades aproach the man from out of the mist, they attack him, in a furisouse fight the Monk kills two of the men and is about to finish the other two of when an arrow pierces the back of his heart. the man falls to the ground and a crystal dagger falls from his robe, the archer picks the dagger up observes it and then the city explodes and caves in together.

Main title Theme

Croft Manor, 2005 Lara Croft is doing what she does best in her home -training- Lara is in her gym practising her vaulting techniques and her ariel gymnastics. When Lara finishes her training she goes into the Main hall to her tech Lab, were she talks to her leading man Bryce, the two exchange banter about Bryces new equiptment he has for Lara. Hilary, the butler walks into the room and tell's Lara that she has an urgent phone call from Jaqueline Natla from new Orleans. Lara and Natla are close friends because Lara took Natla on a jungle safari years back and saved her from a gang of Lions when their jeep had ran out of fuel.
Lara goes into her study and accepts the Call Via Video mesaging, Natla and Lara exchange greetings and Natla tells her that recent activity around the chinese Mountains in shang hai, Natlas archlogical team of Natla technoligies have picked up satelite imagery of an ancient burial ground were an artifact of mass power is located. Natla Tells Lara that she believes the artifact is the Dagger of Men Lie quo fu, Lara in disbelief tells Natla the history of the Dagger and that the warrior Monks of Men Lie quo fu hid the dagger from exsistence because it had the power to morph reality if it was weilded by the right person. Natla tells Lara that her spies in NT Have also picked up radio transmissions of nmercenaries in Hong Kong who wish to retrieve the dagger. Lara tells Natla she will get geared up and ready to go.

Hong Kong, in a stylish nightclub the owner adresses three men to retrieve the Dagger from the its resting ground from the lost city near Shang Hai, the men accept and the Middle man steps forward out of the shadow and into the light asking what the cash prize is. The Man is Alex West.

Back at Croft Manor Lara is getting geared up, she puts on her new costume (Which is featured in TR Legend) and equips herself with her two dual pistols a grappling hook and a grenade which bryce gave her which has the same intensity of Light as the Sun. Hilary and Bryce tell Lara to be carefull as she is about to depart in her helicopter, she Blows a kiss to the two of them and gets in her chopper.

Shang Hai Mountains, Alex west and his two men are walking with satelite imagery technology to locate the dagger, Alex comes to a site near the Mountains Peak were the ground is flat Alex and his men look around because the satelite imagery system revieles a positive Image, One if Alexs men falls through the fround and into the darkness Alex and his other man run to the hole in the Floor and see that it is a slope leading down into a chasm deep underground, Alex shouts if the Man is ok and he replies yes, Both Alex and his other man slide down into the abyss.

Lara arrives in shang Hai and is greeted by one of her old Contacts at the airport,the contact a small chinese man tells Lara the location of the site and give her a jeep to get to the Mountains and Hiking gear to climb up it. Lara thanks the man, gets in her jeep and makes for the Mountains.

Back in the Mountains, Alex and his two men are in a huge underground chasm with no light, the three raiders light flares and are beset by huge destoyed buildings and streets that lay deep under the Mountains. Alex and his men make for the centre of the city as that is were the dagger is meant to be held. When Alex and his two men come to a cracked bridge the ground starts to shake and the bridge is giving way Alex and his two men sprint to the other side of the bridge but only Alex and his other friend makes it, as the other Man fell and crumbles with the brickwork. Alex and the Man continue through the Chasms. Finally they reach the city centre and see the are amazed with the scope and size of the ancient city, Alex's eyes suddenly fall onto a dagger in the centre of the room which Lays there untouched by time. Alex is about to pick the dagger up when the ground shakes and a huge Drill breaks through the Mountains wall and into the city centre, Alexs other friend gets crushed by the falling rocks Alex eargerly dodges the falling rocks and postions himself by a fallen Part of a building Alex draws his Guns and see's Mercenaruies coming down on ropes entering the Tomb, the mercenaries search the tomb and the genral or head mercenrie Picks up the dagger he looks deep into it and then he is shot in the head from above, a classy man named Ngu Yin shouts down that no one will pick the dagger up as it could destroy them all, Alex then revieles himself and opens fire on the mercenries, in a huge gun battle alex killed two of the mercenries but is then captured and held at gunpoint, Ngu Yin aproached Alex, Looks at him and then kicks him in the head knocking Alex out.

Lara is climbing up towards the peak of the mountains with her rockclimbimbing gear she reaches the top and she is about 20 ft above her target Zone, Lara uses her binoculars and zooms into her target zone to see that her objective is compromised because of the mercenrie fortifications. Lara smiles and traverses down the Hill.
Lara arrives at the bottom and draws her dual pistols ready for a fight, she counts three men but knows that more will come, were one guard is standing patrol Lara uses her intusion and shoots a crate wire which hangs over his head, the crate falls and crushes the Guard, the other two guards are alerted and before they can react lara dives from the bushes and Opens fire killing the two guards she rolls and hears that more gaurds are coming in an epic gun battle were Lara used her Ariel gymnastics while firing her psitols, she is finally pinned down by three guards, they disarm her and are about to kill her when lara remembers the granade Bryce gave her which is as bright as the Sun, Lara activates it and closes her eyes.
Lara overpowers the guards and interogates the last one, she asks him wether the dagger has been took, he replies yes and then she asks him were it is, the man doesnt answer, But Lara Croft has ways of making people talk.

In Tai Pei Ngu Yin is in his massive office observing the dagger with his hands, he explains to his right hand man Marten Gunderson about that it is his destiny to weild the dagger and no one elses that is why the dagger did not destroy everythinhg in its path. Ngu Yin tells Gunderson to kill the man that they are torturing in the basement.
Lara arrives in Tai Pei at a huge office block, she enters the building covertly at the bottom, she hears screaming coming from the basement so she goes to check it out.
In the Basement Alex is getting electructed by his tortures who are asking him why he was in the mountains, Alex laughs and says he was having his afternoon stroll, At that moment gunderson enters the room and tells them to recharge the battery at full and kill Alex, Lara however bursts through the doors her pistols drawn and examines her surrondings, Lara says "Hello Boys" and opens fire killing the tortures but Gunderson dives behing a metal crate and both Lara and Gunderson are returning Fire, Lara is out of ammo and so is Gunderson, Gunderson gets up and approaches Lara his fists Ready, Lara and Gunderson have a brutal fight hand-to-hand Lara Punches Gunderson several times in the face but Gundersons Brute strength overpowers Lara and she falls to the Grounds Gunderson is about to Finish Lara of but Lara kicks him were it hurts and then Roundhouse Kicks him in the Face, Gunderson goes down and is knocked out. Lara and Alex exchange jabs at one another as Lara free's him, Alex explains the situation and they both make for Ngu Yins office, Ngu Yin is doing a ritual and is about to use the dagger when Lara and Alex burst in, both unarmed. Lara tells Ngu to surrender the dagger but he refuses and activates the gun turrents above Lara and Alex, the two heros doge the bullets and Lara runs towards Ngu dives on him and they both fall through the window, Alex is still under fire from the gun turrents, he quickly sprints to Ngu desk to deactivate the turrents still in agaony from his torture Alex not a moments to soon deactivates the Turrents.
Alex looks around but cannot see Lara he aproaches the window and see Lara connected to her grappling gun and Ngu Yin dead with the dagger destroyed.

Back at croft Manor Natla Congratulates Lara on her succes in destroying the dagger, Lara thanks Natla and is prepared to have a bath, when the doorbell rings, Lara beats Hilary to the door and see's that Alex is standing in her doorway, Alex explains that he has nowhere else to go and would appreciate it if he could come and live with her, Lara smiles and agree's, Alex enters the Home.


So what do you think about it, i will create episode 2 of 22 if you think this is good enough shortly, just express your views on the story.

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Hey Eveyone plz i want ur replies so i can make another one Plz Plz Plz Plz

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Come on Guys

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thats really good pablo

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Thanks i will create episode 2 soon if you like

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Episode 2 Coming This Friday