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28-10-05, 11:15
i think tomb raider 2 would make a great movie because i can imagine the scope of the special effects that would be used in creating the Levels into real locations and also a backstory could be that Lara's Great friend was killed in searching for the dagger thats why she got involved, and maybe we could see a new love in Lara's Life,


Lara Croft= Angelina Jolie
Winston= Ian Mkellin (soz bout spellin)
Marco Bartolie= Jack Nicholsin

any of you want to post any ideas through then feel free, even with a few extra characters.

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28-10-05, 11:34
Yup, "The Dagger Of Xian" movie would surely be very interesting! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

28-10-05, 11:36
Very interesting...Pablo.CT! ;) Great idea! I agree with u...Angelina really fits with Lara...but we could be original! What about create our own cast...there are people who know how to do that...I mean playing a character...we could improve our imagination and create our own story line! ;) What do u think???

28-10-05, 12:30
I agree aline_Cedrac lets do that but first would u check my fanfiction on the fanart section of the forums, Its on Tomb Raider the series

28-10-05, 13:51
heres who i would like in this movie

Lara Croft - Angelina Jolie Miming and Gibbins do voice:> LOL

Winston could be anyone

The Friend that dies could be Jamie Lee Curtis lol

and..... Marco could be... Well Jack N workes for me lol

well iuve jus but my fav people thwere even if they dont suit them lol

28-10-05, 14:20
Thanx Scion05

28-10-05, 17:45
Yeah! Imagine the dragon!! That would be amazing!

30-10-05, 22:07
interesting pablo

31-10-05, 00:15
Hmm....It sure would make a great plot. Now the only thing that we have to do is to get the directors interested in this. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

31-10-05, 00:28
I've always thought that TR2 would by far make the best movie of all the games, mainly because of the upturned boat aspect to the story.

31-10-05, 16:58
Well who wud Like 2 design scene, I have Made scene 1

Scene1: History about the Dagger in ancient China/Battle of the Monks/Entraptment of the Dagger.

Scene 2 anyone http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

31-10-05, 17:50
TR2 would make a great movie, true, but wouldn't all TRs? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

31-10-05, 17:53
Ignore. See below.

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Originally posted by Pablo.CT:
Well who wud Like 2 design scene, I have Made scene 1

Scene1: History about the Dagger in ancient China/Battle of the Monks/Entraptment of the Dagger.

Scene 2 anyone http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif Scene 2:

Angelina/Lara training at the Assualt Course, a couple of action, gunplay, target practice, etc...

Lara goes to take a shower. She knows of the existance of the dagger.

After the shower, Lara is at her own library to search for some solid info on the Dagger, when Hillary walks in.

Hillary: Your tea Lady Croft.

Lara: Thank you Hillary.

seconds of silence...

Lara: Do you know what next Sunday will be Hilary?

Hilary:...No Ma'am.

Lara: It will be 5000th anniversary of the Legend of the Dagger Of Xian.

Hillary: Dagger of Xian?

Lara: One of the most powerful artifatcs in history. You see...

Lara: 5000 years ago, the Chinese Emperor Pai-Mei possesed this dagger called the Dagger of Xian.
This dagger had a hex put on it, and it was the dagger's blade that gave the power to the Emperor in ancient times. After gaining the power of the dagger for himself, Legend says that Pai-Mei became Xian himself.

Lara: Thus, war raged in China. After the vicious campaign, which lasted seven long years, Pai-Mei and his army were defeated.

Lara: After the death of the husband, Empress Lao-Ma knew that the power of the dagger was to great for any man to handle, and that it will only bring war, hunger and ultimately death.

Lara: So she ordered the dagger banished for ever. She sent over a thousand men to banish the dagger in the Temple of Xian, which today we call The Great Wall Of China, and none of them was ever seen again.

Lara: And no one knows if the dagger really is hidden in that temple. No one knows for sure what happened in there.

Hillary: Let me guess. You wanna find out for yourself.

Lara: You know me too well.

Lara: Legend has it that once every 5000 years the spirit of Xian awakens within the Dagger, thus giving he who posseses the dagger the power of the Dragon. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

I hope you liked it. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

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31-10-05, 22:48
That's great Raid! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

01-11-05, 14:09
Thanks TRM http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

01-11-05, 16:14
Cool scene!

01-11-05, 16:45
Scene 3:

Lara's Mansion: Lara is ready to leave for China the next day however she needs to require some information from her old friend Prof.Richard Pollard of Oxford University, about the dagger as that is his field of experties. Lara Contacts pollards house and his Wife Loren answers.

Lara: Good evening Loren, is Richard there its rather urgent.

Loren: *Long Pause* Lara my dear.....*Loren starts to murmur* Richard has past away.

Lara shocked stares out of her mansion window into the english countryside covred in Nightime.

Lara: How... wh-when..... when did this happen?

Loren: He was murdered Lara....Murdered, i did mean to contact u but i.... i forgot with arranging the funeral and stuff..... i-i am deeply sorry.

Lara:There is no need to apoligize Loren, it is obviously very traumatic..... i am deeply saddned by the news........ You say Richard was murdered, by whom?

Loren: Richard was off on one of his excavations In China.... you know he loved his work.... he was with a team near the west side of the great wall, and...... he a-a-nd his team was murdered, sh-ot all of them.

Lara: the great wall...... are the authorities looking into it?

Loren: Well thats the thing isnt it..... Most of the police near that place are corrupt, Richard told me before he............. Left.

Lara: Im sorry, is there anything i can do to help...... anything at all.

Loren: Could you attend his funeral service tommorow....... Infact now i remember something richard wanted u 2 look at something, its in our study, if u Attend the service tommorow i should be able to give it 2 u, its his Notes and works about his excavations, if u dont come i will post it to y.....

Lara: of course i will be there Loren. U have some rest now, take it easy, i will see you tommorow......... send my luv to the children.

Loren: Thank u so much Lara,... i will good bye

Lara: Bye..... *Lara puts the phone down and looks around her room, who the in the world would want to harm, prof.Pollard he was a kind sincere man who taught Lara alot about field archeoligy*.

Lara walks into the main hall of her surry estate and tells Winston to postpone her flight to china as there r some matters she needs to clean up first.

Venice, In a huge gothic building a group of important looking men sit around a round table with a symbol of a dragon in the Middle. The boss is shrouded in darkness cooly flipping a coin. One of the Men stand up.

Jericho: This was not how it was supposed to happen Bartolie, the nera ferma Cult are not thugs, we do not kill innocents.

A man from the other end of the room


chaos breaks off in the hall, everyone argues and abuses. Gun shots come from the Main man. Everyone falls silent.

Bartolie: People..... can everyone just be civil.... cant we all just get along i mea...

Jericho: But bartolie....

At that moment bartolie pulls out his revelover and shoots jericho five times in the chest, jericho falls 2 the ground.

Bartolie: know, without any further intoruptions, i have something to say..... *Bartolie places his reveolver back in his holster* we do not have time to argue about the current situation, because we dont have time, Gentlemen.
We still need to locate the seraph. Know everyone its Late im tired and i dont want to play little childish games so, without further hesitation im going to burn some people who have been.... shall we say invaluable.

Bartolie exits.

Wot do u guys think, the next part can be added by someone else, but plz take it seriously

01-11-05, 19:22
Ooo i like this idea. Great scenes!

01-11-05, 19:43
Anyone is welcome to design the next scene as long as it follows that same plot, take it seriously

01-11-05, 21:28
Scene 4: London,Daytime at lorens home.
Loren is sobbing and telling certain family members about how she is coping with the trajedy.
Lara stands idily by the food table looking at some dicoloured shrimp. She is wearing a long black dress with a black scalf. A man approaches her.

Fredrick: Well, well,well if it isnt Lara Croft..... im happy u came u were one of richards favourites...... i will miss the old bloke.... His kids have took it really bad and Loren is in a state of insanity *Long Pause*
So how have u been Lara any new travel exploits you would like to share.

Lara smiles knowing to herself that fredrick would love to hear Laras dangerouse adventures.

Lara: Just here and there nothing new or exciting.

Fredrick: Ah well it was lovely to see u Lara..... i think i will go try the dip.

Lara smiles to herself as Fredrick walks away.

Loren aproaches Lara and asks her to come into the study.

Loren: I dont want to keep u to long Lara..... im sure u would want to relax in that country estate of yours.

Lara: Its no bother Loren, really.

Loren: No no i think u best go home anyway.... research these notes that richard left for you.

Loren hands Lara a folder.

Loren: If u find any clues about his killers.......then...then could u deal with it.... Please

Lara: I will..... see

Loren: Well Lara it was really splendid to have u at the service..... do stay in touch Plz.

Lara hugs Loren and tells her she is only a phone call away. Loren then shows Lara to the door and Lara drives of in her bentley on a 2 hour drive 2 her Mansion.

Croft Manor/sunset: Lara enters the Main hall and is stopped by Winston.

Winston: How was Mrs.Pollard

Lara: she.....she is coping i think it all...sureal Winston even for me.... Richard was a good man.

Winston: The flight to china is on ur command miss.Croft whenever u feel like it.

Lara:Thank you Winston. i will be in the Libary if you need me.

Lara walks up her stairs through a long corridor and into the massive yet beautifull Study.
Lara lays down the folders on her desk and begins to study it.
After hours of reading Lara finds out that Richard had a similar interest as Lara, he was researching the Dagger of Xian.

Lara: 500 Bc......yes.......mmm..........of course......... 4000 years Later............. ahhhhh.

Lara comes across a Painting of the nera Ferma cult and its symbol.

Lara: "The Nera Ferma cult are an ancient regime of devotee's who seek the mythical Dagger of Xian, to corrupt its power in the use of great evil" they couldnt make paradise could they.
"The dagger has the power of the dragon, and the heart that is worthy will recieve the ultimate power of carnage and chaos".

Lara reads on and on for a couple of pages and then comes to a final part a message from Pollard.

"Lara, never tell Loren what i am about to tell you, for trust is only granted when those people you love believe in you, and i dont want to lose Lorens trust even in death. i am in trouble Lara, the ferma cult know of my doings and are threatining to kill me and my loved ones, Last week i was captured while coming home from work, i was held for 2 hours as the Nera Ferma cult interagoated me, they couldnt open the doors to Xian, si i did something terrible, i told them they need to Locate the seraph, but even i do not know its resting ground. Lara if i die go to the west side of the Great wall of china, underneath the chasms u will find the doors to Xian, u cannot enter them but you must see for urself the true nature of the dagger and also u must believe it exsists in order to enter the temple with the seraph. Destroy this letter when u have read it, and i will see you in the afterlife Lara, Goodbye".

Lara sat shaken in her by her desk, she had to Leave for china now.

Lara orders winston to tell the plane to be at her private air strip in one hour as she is going to the great wall. Lara go's into her Grage and unlocks her weapons case, her two Dual pistols are hanging in a special case.

Lara: Well, lets go have some fun.

Next chapter coming soon

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