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25-12-05, 16:15
I have finally decided to change my ISP (AOL) but I don't know which other one to choose. I was thinking of , I don't know. I want a fast DSL modem which I think comes free with that ISP.

25-12-05, 16:17
Sorry I meant to say I was thinking of FreeServe Broadband.

25-12-05, 16:40
The choice is going to be yours of course Colin. Personally I wouldn't choose Freeserve (wanadoo), as I know from experience their service is bad. Neither would I choose Tiscali, again, from experience. Um, you're in Ireland aren't you? I don't suppose there is a BT service there. I really have no idea. But they are my choice purely for reliability - but they don't offer the best service in terms of speed for your money.

In any event I think it's great you're going to bin AOL http://www.tombraiderforums.com/forums/graemlins/yuck.gif

tlr online
25-12-05, 16:41
Don't go with NTL either if you can help it. :wve:

25-12-05, 17:26
Thank you. :tmb:

25-12-05, 18:21
If you can choose this ISP in your area, i defently would.

Telewest/Blueyonder Broadband they are fantastic.

Ive been with them 4 years know on a full package ( Phone, Internet, Cable televison )

Its all cheap, and internet is tottaly stable. This year my internet speed have been upgraded twice becuase i am a long-time member. I would jump on the band wagon this is a truely great ISP.

26-12-05, 01:27
I was with Freeserve/Wanadoo for over 4 years on dial up (unlimited) with no problems, when I went to broadband I went to Onetel, again I have had no problems. A friend of mine has subscribed to Tiscali and has had problems with his connection dropping, but I think that is down to his dsl modem he received off them.