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Taker Fan
26-12-05, 07:14
I love Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children! :yah: Especially when Sephiroth fought Cloud. Ahh, what a wonderfule battle. And I loved the music. Jenova and One-Winged Angel. I can't wait for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to come to the US! I can look like Tifa with those clothes from the waist down. It was awsome!!! So, what do you think guys?

tlr online
26-12-05, 07:17
Is this a game or a movie?

Taker Fan
26-12-05, 07:18
It's a movie, I found it on Bittorrent and downloaded it. It had Japanese speeking with English subtitles.

26-12-05, 08:06
I love this film also, i saw it about 2 months ago or something, im waiting for it to come out in english now :D

Im not sure when the UK is meant to be getting it though.

WHens the U.S getting it?

26-12-05, 09:45
I hate what they did to One Winged Angel. I like the original orchestra version much better :)

26-12-05, 13:03
Oh yeah! I have Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD and it's simply a beauty and height of CG art, actor play, emotions and MUSIC > true masterpiece! < that is if you can appreciate it ^^

My Rating : 10/10

Screens :





26-12-05, 13:16
OMG where have i been, if this is available for download already i will cry. I love Final Fantasy i have completed them all from umber VII accept the online PC versions. Arghh!

26-12-05, 16:56
I've downloaded in months ago. :P
Fantastic movie!
I loved every second of it! The fighting is soooo kick-ass! :D

26-12-05, 17:03
I downloaded like a month ago cause friend told me u can get through bit torrent.
OMG, im so in love with that move i burned it to a dvd with menus and got the music from the movie and everything.
For some reason i can watch foreign films a hell of alot more than regular films, also cause i just LOVED ff7.

26-12-05, 18:38
Does anyone have a clue when its getting released in the UK?

Ive seen the film, but would most defintley like to own it :D

26-12-05, 21:18
um a big fan of final fatasy series and the movies are awesome. anyways us should be released 2006 and ibelieve uk is sometime afteer that im about 92% sure