View Full Version : How do YOU 'save it'?

Jacob x5
26-12-05, 22:54
Like mine often are, this question is very random, so I would like to apoligise to anyone who may have a brain disorder which causes strange mental activities to occur upon encountering random questions.

When you need to save what you have done (for instance in a Microsoft Word or Open Office document or something similar), how do you save it? Personally I tend to click on the little 'floppy disk' icon, the save shortcut on the toolbar at the top. But what about you?

Ok, this isn't an official poll so just say which method you use, stating your own or choosing from the list here:
I go into the 'File' menu and click 'Save'.
I click on the save shortcut icon on the toolbar.
I use the 'CTRL+S' keyboard shortcut.
I select 'Yes' when asked to save changes upon exiting.NOTE: I see that it is very likely that the title of this thread may make some people, at first, think that this thread is asking you fine folk how to save it, but well, you were wrong. :p

Tomb Raider Master
26-12-05, 23:01
3rd option for me:
I use the 'CTRL+S' keyboard shortcut.

26-12-05, 23:12
I always use keyboard shortcuts when I know them.

Jacob x5
26-12-05, 23:32
Yeah, keyboard shortcuts are great, particularly this 'Alt+S' shortcut for 'Quick Reply', but I use the 'Save' shortcut on the toolbar simply due to force of habit. :p

27-12-05, 10:41
Ctrl+S for me :tmb:

27-12-05, 11:28
Second option for me...

I click on the save shortcut icon on the toolbar.

27-12-05, 11:49
Ctrl + S

27-12-05, 13:43
I choose to exit, and then when it asks if I want to save it or not, I select Yes.

27-12-05, 13:49
Ctrl+S, because I'm cool like that.

Jacob x5
27-12-05, 13:58
That's an interesting one, Anubis. Not the safest option as everything could crash while you're working, but I'll add it to the list. :) (Just make sure you don't do that in TRLE because it doesn't ask you. :p)

27-12-05, 14:11
I go into the 'File' menu and click 'Save'.


Jacob x5
27-12-05, 14:34
I was waiting for someone to say that. :p I sometimes do that, especially if there isn't a shortcut on the toolbar in the program I'm using.

27-12-05, 17:40
Does the phrase "stimulation famine" mean anything to you Jacob?

Jacob x5
27-12-05, 17:41
No. :p

Camera Obscura
27-12-05, 17:53
I select 'Yes' when asked to save changes upon exiting.

I'm too lazy to save it so I close and click yes.

Jacob x5
27-12-05, 18:03