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tlr online
27-12-05, 03:50


27-12-05, 04:01
That's quite a list Justin.

Tell me, does this version have an option to send an email to the birthday person from Admin to wish them happy birthday. I think it's an automated feature but it is rather nice to get a personal email from the forum on your birthday. I'm pretty sure there is an option for you to set so that when you register you have to put your birthdate in first before you go any further with registration. You don't have to put your year but you need to put in your day and month. That way the calendar is automatically updated. Not sure if there is an option to bypass the birthday if you do not wish to display it. Another option is sex (not the yes please variety but the gender variety), it's nice to know whether you are chatting to a male or a female.

tlr online
27-12-05, 04:02
Oh yeah! It certainly does :D We're sending out birthday emails already :D

27-12-05, 04:04
Great. It's such a nice touch. Just makes everything a little more personal.

tlr online
27-12-05, 04:09
Which theme are you using atm?

27-12-05, 04:15
Brushed Blue Expanded.

27-12-05, 04:21
So we don't have to manually do this anymore hehe... :P

tlr online
27-12-05, 04:30
Elen will be more than happy!

27-12-05, 04:39
Now all you need to do to make her day is automate the Avatars.

tlr online
27-12-05, 04:48
There is a fuction that allows members to upload their own avatars, but I'm worried about the risk. A rogue member could upload porn, and we would be in BIG trouble.

27-12-05, 05:00
There is a very small risk of that. The other forum I am on allow it and they don't appear to have a problem. Also their censorship is not quite so severe in that I can post the species of my birds without it being censored. I mean some of the words that were censored were quite ridiculous. They admittedly are mainly older but there are teenagers on the site also. I won't offend by telling you the site as I don't know if you had any problems with some of the members (although I have read nothing even remotely derogatory about this forum there).

Maybe there could be a delayed posting of Avatars (this is done on one of the 2 of the boards that I advertise my puppies on) so you can censor if necessary. But you face the same risk when people post photos anyway so I don't see much of a difference. You would still have the right to override the Avi.

Most members here are reasonably responsible and they would only hurt themselves as it would probably mean permanent banning. Just a thought.

God I love Spell Check.

tlr online
27-12-05, 05:10
Haven't installed Spell Check yet, but now I think I will.

Just fired off a PM to you.

Jacob x5
27-12-05, 11:00
Originally posted by tlr online

There is a fuction that allows members to upload their own avatars, but I'm worried about the risk. A rogue member could upload porn, and we would be in BIG trouble.

You're right tlr. Another problem is that someone could upload a very very large image and all the pages that contained posts by them would go pear-shaped.

Anyway, happy birthday to irini, desmond fox, midnightsgirl, dod, GeoX, Geophonic, joozia, Defeated By People, Kata-Rzyna*, KasiaJo, Katarzyna* (what a coincidence!), Yosefa, Andromeda66 and soss who are now officially adults (I guess), TeddyBoi, HobbiTboy88, Lara rocks, arrafa, karstein88, Silje, TRAOD playa, Sukkel, Steven B and Dcr952782364, one of which I have heard of! :p :tmb: :wve:

Phew! All of that was handwritten...

27-12-05, 11:03
The limits of the avatar would not change, unless the admin changed them.

Jacob x5
27-12-05, 11:16
Oh, I see.