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Lara Croft Fan Joe
27-12-05, 20:39
hey ive made a new avatar and wanna no wot u think,u shud see its the pic of lucy lui drawing a sword from kill bill, with the words 'kill bill joe' with blood on the writing, waddya fink?

Tomb Raider Master
27-12-05, 22:11
Whooooo... It's cool! :)

27-12-05, 22:19
Yeah , i like him to :tmb: !

27-12-05, 22:20
*Sorry for double post*

Jacob x5
27-12-05, 22:23
Very nice! :tmb:

27-12-05, 23:02
Ooooh I love Kill Bill (especially Vol. 1!). Your avatar's so cool! Go Go was my favourite character, but O'Ren was a close second!

27-12-05, 23:10
Cool :tmb:

Btw, it's a katana, not a sword [sorry, that's just the kinda person I am...]

Somehow I manage to read it Kill Joe Bill everytime :p

Capt. Murphy
28-12-05, 00:03

28-12-05, 00:06
I like it! :tmb:

28-12-05, 00:35
Love the movie, Love the avatar. Great job :)

Cat Girl
28-12-05, 14:19
yeah i loved your avatar too, Lara Croft Fan Joe. it's great!