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tlr online
27-12-05, 22:40
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[ December 27th 2005 ]

A 74-year-old pensioner has been nicked by Italian police following a raid on a property in which almost 9000 stolen ancient artefacts were seized, Herald Sun reports today. Among the 8972 pieces seized were ancient terracotta vases, amphorae, masks, clay and bronze statues and parts of marble columns.

Italian police are cracking down on tomb raiding - a crime that has gone largely unchecked for centuries, with thieves regularly ransacking some of the country's most famous open-air archaeological sites.

27-12-05, 23:11
He didn't swing around on a bungee rope when they burst in to get him then, before his butler turned up to help wearing a bullet proof vest over a nightie and brandishing a Winchester rifle?

27-12-05, 23:46

How funny!

Thats actually a good idea! I might travel around the world stealing parts of ancient archeological sites.

I will start at the Stonehenge! Ill take a bagged lunch! It costs a fortune at the giftshop!:p

Then I will visit Machu Picchu, steal a paving stone and escape downhill on a Llama!

Then I will visit Tower of London, steal the Crown jewels, jump out of the tower and land on Vanessa Feltz. :D

I will then I will steal Delia Smith's Liquidiser!:D

And before I retire I will kick Tony Blair in the nuts!:D

And then I will retire. Where everyday I will squirt strangers with a hose and attend Weight-gain classes with Renée Zelwigger