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27-12-05, 23:12
So, last night, while letting my dog out, my mom warned me there was an opossum living near our steps out back. I told her I didn't see anything after looking carefully around the steps, and I told my dog to go outside. So, he went, but then I looked down and saw something grey and hairy rustling underneath some leaves. I screamed and yanked my dog back inside, I flipped out! It was so scary! Then when I had the door locked, I looked back to see if it was still there, and it was gone... It went back under the step, but it was scary as :cen:! My mom just called me and says she wants to 'trap' it tonight when she gets home from work. I keep telling her to call someone professional, because I searched them up on google, and it says they can be pretty dangerous. Then, after seeing this:


I don't think I should let her trap it or whatever she's planning on doing. So, should I have her call someone? Do I call the police, or do I look up some kind of animal unit online? Help! :eek:

Tomb Raider Master
27-12-05, 23:18
Yikes, that's scary. :yik:

Miss Croft:
do I look up some kind of animal unit online?
That's my suggestion.

Jacob x5
27-12-05, 23:18
Gosh, that really is scary. :eek: I don't know what you should do, I've never seen anything like that before. But where did you get the 'Ghost' part from? :confused:

tlr online
27-12-05, 23:19

27-12-05, 23:19
If this was a scene from Resident Evil I'd blast it with my shotgun. :D :p Just call the police because they handle that stuff too. I saw a big snake near my house and the police took and released it elsewhere.

Jacob x5
27-12-05, 23:20
Gosh, Thorn, you're obsessed! :D

27-12-05, 23:21
But where did you get the 'Ghost' part from? :confused:

Because every time we try to see if it's still there, it's gone. It's like it dissapears. LOL Thorn. :D

27-12-05, 23:22
And the only thing that strikes up as a problem with calling someone to catch and release it is what if they release it close to our house and it comes right back? Animals that are territorial might do that.

27-12-05, 23:23
We have them here to Miss Croft although we just call them Possums. Our large ones (Ring-tailed Possums) are about the size of a very large cat or small dog. They can give a nasty bite. There are organisations here that will hire traps to catch them and then remove them to a more suitable area. If you're Mum is planning on trapping it she must have obtained a trap as they need to be pretty strong.

I used to have one that used to raid my Kitchen every night. He behaved very well as long as I left him out a couple of sweet biscuits every night. One night I forgot and he got into the cupboards and broke open the flour bag. There was flour everywhere in the morning. Plus everything else was pulled out and on the floor.

Camera Obscura
27-12-05, 23:24
I think it's best if you call some animal unit. Try calling a animal shelter and ask if they do these types of things, if not then they probably have a number to someone who does. I wouldn't risk having to face an opossum, especially if they can turn into that picture you posted.

27-12-05, 23:28
I'll have to see the trap my mom brings home, Tramp. That's horrible to hear about your kitchen, though! :eek: The more I think about it, I guess I'll just call someone myself.

27-12-05, 23:32
Oh, but they look so cute with their mouth shut!! :hug:


But those teeth looked scary... Your mother should definitely get professional help!

27-12-05, 23:34
Actually they can tame down very well. As kids we used to bottle raise babies who's mothers had been hit by cars and they can become really affectionate pets. They are only nasty when they are cornered, which is understandable. There are tourist areas here where they have night time feeding of the possums (the wild ones) and they will come and take food from your hand.

We have some really cute small ones here also that are only about 4 inches long and have webbing (or extra skin and hair) between their front and back legs and can sort of fly. They are called Sugar Gliders and are really cute. I will try to find a photo.

28-12-05, 00:00
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y52/Tramp1/BabySugarGlider.jpg Baby Sugar Glider


Showing skin that enables them to fly.



These guys are cute