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tlr online
28-12-05, 00:57
Re-indexing almost 600,000 posts will take approx 20 hours using our current server. Since I am moving our database to a dedicated MySQL server this evening, I'm going to hold off re-indexing until tomorrow. I have temporarily disabled the search feature until then.

The new MySQL server is very high spec, and will do all the heavy work for the forum, which will free up resources on our current dedicated server. It also means that vBulletin will perform all actions like posting, replying.. etc instantly. Just like it should be doing.

Our current dedicated server just isn't powerful enough for MySQL. Anyways, that's the plan. No outage will occure, because changing database servers is instantanous.

28-12-05, 01:12
Great work as always tlr. Very much appreciated :)

28-12-05, 01:25
I feel the need... the need for speed!

We're nearly there. Can't wait. :D

tlr online
28-12-05, 01:26
Now that was a great movie!

28-12-05, 06:54
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i gotcha TLR Online! and that is a GREAT movie indeed! :tmb:

28-12-05, 07:56
Disabling the search function is one of your favorite things to do, hm?

Jacob x5
28-12-05, 12:40
Great news tlr! :tmb: I thought the posting was quick enough as it was, but even quicker? Can't wait! :jmp