View Full Version : Anyone up for a frag?

tlr online
28-12-05, 01:25
We should be able to select an internet server, since none of us is able to host atm.

28-12-05, 01:26
If I can connect, then I'm up for a frag.

tlr online
28-12-05, 01:38
How about you Joseph, Sim?

28-12-05, 02:04
I'm hosting a FULL VERSION server. Deathmatch.


Can someone with the full version try connecting, see if it's working?

28-12-05, 02:11
Wat's the password?

28-12-05, 02:12
No password. Just connect up.

28-12-05, 02:15
Waiting minutes... no connect.:(

28-12-05, 02:22
Arrgh. :(

This is so frustrating. :(

tlr online
28-12-05, 02:23
Joseph. Can you try hosting?

28-12-05, 02:25
I am behind a router with hardware firewall, tlr. Hosting a game will not go. As mentioned earlier. :(

28-12-05, 02:28
BTW have you noticed you have to tick OFF "Only Standard Server"? I had to untick it. Don't know if hosters have to untick it also...

tlr online
28-12-05, 04:47
When I used to set up the server, I would always select DEDICATED then fire up another instance of UT2004 and then connect to my already running DEDICATED UT2004 server that way. So I would have two instances of UT2004 running.