View Full Version : Topic Subscriptions? WT-Hay?

Capt. Murphy
28-12-05, 05:53
I noticed in my User Control Panel that every topic/thread I reply to - I am automatically subscribed to those topics/threads. I could go in and deleted these but that would be such a hassle.

Has anyone else notice this yet or found it to be a minor issue? ;)

It would be nice if this 'feature' could be disabled. :whi: *waits* :D

edit: If you look under the word 'Rating' does anyone notice a small box that has a checkmark in it. These are the topics that are subscribed to. It's crazy I tell ya. :-p

tlr online
28-12-05, 06:26
Fixed. You should no longer be subscribed to the threads you start/reply to. :wve:

28-12-05, 06:30
i like the subscriptions...but what happened to clicking on someones name and being able to view recent posts? Why is it FORBIDDEN now?

tlr online
28-12-05, 06:33
It's linked to the search index, and you can find out why that is currently disabled HERE (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=49020)

28-12-05, 06:55
Thank you!

Capt. Murphy
28-12-05, 07:01
Domo Arigato. ;)