Lara Croft Fan Joe
28-12-05, 17:18
i'd like 2 no your favourite villan,feel free to pick any other if u dont like any on the list

1.Natla (tr1)
2.That gang from tr2, i dont know the name soz(tr2)
3.Sofia leigh (my fav:-))(tr3)
4.Von croy? (tr5)
10.The weird mutant thingy(tr1)
12.Cant think of any more...

28-12-05, 17:40
Jacqueline Natla rocks!!

28-12-05, 17:40

Tomb Raider Master
28-12-05, 17:49
Interesting thread. :tmb: My fave baddies are Natla and Von Croy. :)

Lara Croft Fan Joe:
That gang from tr2, i dont know the name soz His name is Marco Bartoli. :)

28-12-05, 17:55
Boaz. :D

28-12-05, 19:09
Natla. :)

Jacob x5
28-12-05, 19:12
I quite like the green-eyed dude from the Rome chronicle in TRC. :tmb:

28-12-05, 19:21
Natla and Sophia for sure!!!!

Mona Sax
28-12-05, 19:56
Willard (don't know why, he's just cool)

28-12-05, 20:05
1. Natla
2. Karel
3. Sophia

I also liked Boaz, but a character with 2 sentences to say in 10 seconds of screen time doesn't really qualify as a villain. Sure she's twisted and that in a waaay more horrifying way than simply being a *****, but if someone (Lara or Kurtis) came to her with intentions of killing Eckhardt, they'd probably find her quite willing to help :D

28-12-05, 21:36
I think you having her as you avatar is enough proof you find her a cool villain :D

ben croft
28-12-05, 22:16
Natla and Sophia.

28-12-05, 23:14
Defenetly Seth! best god every invented by humanity and a worthy opponent to Lara :D

29-12-05, 00:21
Natla. The last the tomb raider I've played and my favorite villain :)

30-12-05, 01:22
Natla, of course. :)

She was the first villain!

30-12-05, 01:26
1.-The giant Atlantian mutant-just thought id put down coz its something differant, plus it was pretty cool
2.Seth-the dude was indestructable, what more can be said??

30-12-05, 01:53
I guess ill join the crowd and say natla.

But i found the comic twist of her Butler being bad the best badie so far

30-12-05, 11:36
Definatly Natla , she has just a villian face

Mr X
31-12-05, 07:15
Jacqueline Natla. She was the best all round villain IMO. She had the look, the evil personality and played a major role in the storyline. Eckhardt was also a great villian.

31-12-05, 07:28
My List

1. bartoli (this man out of the first tr movie looked like him) but had no sun glasses on

2. rouzie (shud be your "12. cant thing of anymore") i like the scar on his face

3. like that big mutant. im agreeing with that person (its somthing else) but im going with the dragon (but for heavens sake the dragons bartoli) still going with it

31-12-05, 14:06
Marco Bartoli!

04-02-06, 22:19
Natla will forever remain a favourite, if only because she's the closest match to Lara Croft herself. I think people sympathize more with a villain that has the same strengths as the hero/heroine. :)

Marco Bartoli had a nice line or two but remained shadowy and undefined. In fact pretty much the entire TR2 was pretty low on character development. TR3 on the other hand has a veritable cast of characters, my favourite of which is undoubtedly Sophia Leigh. I liked Willard because he didn't immediately behave as a stereotypical villain, but some of the things he had to say eerily resembled Natla's speeches.

Pierre DuPont was a favourite in TR1, but I hated the way they dumbed him down to a bumbling comic relief guy in Tomb Raider Chronicles. That's not the impression I got from him in St. Francis' Folly.

04-02-06, 22:26
Natla will always be my favourite just because she's the one who's most memorable and original...and clever too ^.^
therefore I also veer towards liking Sophia Leigh just as much because I do :P

04-02-06, 22:28
SETH!! :jmp:

followed by Natla and Sophia and Werner...

Bartoli's the last since he's got no character whatsoever :p

04-02-06, 22:28
Natla :)!

Mona Sax
04-02-06, 22:37
Seth. I wish they hadn't simplified him that much, though.

Camera Obscura
04-02-06, 22:39
1. Natla - Everything about her is what I like: She's pretty, strong, power-hungry, smart (For someone who's been frozen for thousands of years, she sure caught up with modern times.)

2. Sophia - There's no reason, I just like her.

3. Werner Von Croy - He's the exact opposite of Lara in every way.

04-02-06, 22:39
Tony, he's just funny talking guy lol :D

Also, Pierre (and Cowboy lol) and Sophia - always looks/sounds so smart and self-confident :D

Melonie Tomb Raider
04-02-06, 22:41
Kurtis a villain? I think not. :p

My favorite villain is Natla though, hands down.

04-02-06, 22:43
seth von croy and i guess kurtis but i don't think of him as a vilian :D

Mona Sax
04-02-06, 22:45
Kurtis not a villain? Come on, he steals her guns! :p

SpongeBob Lover
04-02-06, 23:47
Kurtis not a villain? Come on, he steals her guns! :p

errr lol!! :D