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29-12-05, 13:18
The Unluckiest Pickpocket Ever! 27 Dec 2005 10:37:00

By Vicky Keleri

He meant to catch them off-guard, but he was caught red-handed! Our story talks about a 45-year-old pickpocket who decided to make his Christmas earnings in a Christmas party. Yet, he found himself in the wrong place, the wrong time! Being pretty careless, he entered a bar, and hoping that the customers would be intoxicated both by the joyous festive atmosphere and a couple of drinks, he started stripping their coats and jackets in the cloakroom of all the ’unnecessary’ burdens! His plans, however, fell flat. You see, it was the officers of the German Federal Police criminal investigations unit that had thrown the Christmas party, and they immediately realised what was going on. The 45-year-old pickpocket was completely taken aback, and before he knew it, he found himself behind bars! The policemen, though, should probably thank him for he earned them their easiest arrest of the year!

29-12-05, 13:33
:vlol: Talk about bad luck :D

Capt. Murphy
29-12-05, 15:31
:vlol: Talk about bad luck :DMore like: Talk about STUPID.:cln:

29-12-05, 15:38
Haha, wow that's dumb! :vlol:

29-12-05, 16:29
so the moral of the story is always do you home work.

29-12-05, 17:16
"You got to pick a pocket or twooooooooooooo......"