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29-12-05, 13:20
Parking Ticket Santa! 26 Dec 2005 16:25:00

By Tina Valaoura

Santa Claus is the biggest star during Christmas time. No doubt about that. He lands leading parts in the dreams of children, yet he haunts the grownups! Men in Santa outfits went on a drunken rampage in New Zealand, committed an armed robbery in Germany, while a Santa Claus exposed himself in a southern British area. In Birmingham, though, another man dressed in Santa outfit decided to restore the tarnished reputation of the snow-white bearded old man. As per British top selling Daily Telegraph, the mysterious man, whose identity has been puzzling the Old Albion, wanders through the city’s icy streets, locates the vehicles that have parked illegally and leaves his own parking tickets! Are you wondering what that means? A Christmas card containing 30 pounds, which is the amount of the parking ticket, placed on the windscreens. "Don’t let this ticket spoil your Christmas. Merry Christmas!" reads a note in each card. So far, 14 drivers have been benefited from the "offenders’ patron", and rumours have it that he is not to cease help those who double park their cars! Merry Christmas