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29-12-05, 16:50
------------------------ 2000

I started in 2000.

When i wanna to play an oldie again, i started whit TR1, Witch i had in 1997 o(r 98).

I played it, when i was little, bud than it was to hard for me.
Hehe, when me and my brother whe're by the T-rex, we whe're to nerves to go on, we whe're scared. Also i thought that we whe're nearly to the end of the game, bud when i started to platy it in 2000, it was so easy.

And lvls after The LOST valley, whe're even more difficult.:)

TR 2
---------------------------- 2001

When i was done whit TR1, i had TR2 straight away in my collection. When i was 6-7-8,... It was even harder than the case whit TR1. My brother made it untill the spiders on the great wall, bud i never mad it out that cave in the beginning! And in 2001, i made it to the end. The easiest and funnest TR, i ever played was this one!

------------------------------- 2003

Yup, started whit TR3 in 2003 or sommething. Not straight after TR2, bud i had TR3. Hard, really hard to make it trough the first level! After that, i played all the continents, untill now, in 2005, where i am stuck in the "Pacific islands". After that, i'l do the Antartica continent. Now i'm not so focused on TR3 anymore, biccuis i just bought TR4+TR5 in the great vacation.

------------------------------- 2004

Bussy whit TR4. I'm playing it right now! This is a qouiete good game, accept for the ropes! Back in the old day's, (when i didn't give a damn about TR)
I saw TR4 as the hardest game i ever saw or played! Later on, i chose TR3 as the hardest one.


When i bought TR4+TR5, i was so suprised about the fresh, new graphics, moves and gameplay. You see, i never played TR on the PC before, only on the playstation! I don't have an argument fot TR5, bud it seems to be okay


I never geted my hands on this game before. Anyway, we bought it in 2004.
My brother played this game, bud me,.... Only stairing at it!
Anyway, it gave me negative reaction. AOD is the worst TR existing, that's my note... Bud it's not really the mistake of Eidos, bud the mistake of Playstation2 (new gen graphics and gameplay). Biccuis of hese bolly graphics and slow, boring gameplay. Bud in the future (Thert gen on PS3),i think the gameplay woud be: "The moves of PS1, the graphics of PC!" Now that woud be great!


I love it !(accept the complexity). Here'se sommething abiouse:


-TR4 game


-A million of possibility's
-Easy when you understand it
-Free you're creative mind:)

TR3 Lost artafact
-------------------------------- 2005

I started this game in 2004. I played it, untill i got stuck, biccuis i saved it on the wrong place. I stoped, for now, and going to play it again, when TR3,4,5 are finished.

TR1 gold and TR2 gold.
--------------------------------- never

Never new they exist. I don't know how i woud get these! :)

------------------------- soon


Now let's hear yours...

29-12-05, 18:03
Tomb Raider 2, February 2000
Took me five weeks of solid playing to complete it. No walkies.

Tomb Raider, April 2000
Took three weeks this time to complete. No walkies.

Tomb Raider 3, June 2000
Took months to complete. I used a walkie for 5 of the 19 levels.

Tomb Raider : The Last Revelation, November 2000
Took months to complete. I used a walkie at various points throughout the 4th and 5th sections of the game.

Tomb Raider Chronicles, May 2001
Took a year to complete because I regularly put it down and picked it up again. I was out of gas by this point, and from the cook onwards, regularly used the walkthrough.

Tomb Raider : Angel of Darkness, June 2003
Still haven't completed it, although I did get close to the end.

29-12-05, 18:10
Tomb Raider 1998
Tomb Raider 2 1998
Tomb Raider 3 1998
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation when it came out
Tomb Raider Chronicles when it came out
Tomb Raider the angel of darkness when it came out
Tomb Raider Level Editor got it but don't know how to use it :(

ben croft
29-12-05, 18:17
Tomb Raider - 2003
Tomb Raider 2 - 1998
Tomb Raider 3 - 1998
Tomb Raider 4 - 2003
Tomb Raider 5 - when it came out
Tomb Raider 6 - when it came out

29-12-05, 18:21
Tomb Raider 3 1998 October
Tomb Raider 2 1999
Tomb Raider 1999
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation release date
Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact release date
Tomb Raider Chronicles release date
Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness release date
Tomb Raider Legend release date of course, will...

29-12-05, 18:27
TR1 - 1996
One of the first 3D games I played. Totally hooked. Stucked at Palace Midas; a friend told me about turning the bars into stone.

TR2 - 1997
Liked it less than TR1, but enjoyed anyway. Played through without any help.

TR3 - 1998 to 2005
Loved it at first. The new moves/gameplay mechanics, as well as the better graphics and polygonal model for Lara made me fancy about a TR1 remake immediately. played India, Nevada and half Pacific section. Quit and resumed this year with a FAQ - I would be eternally at London otherwise. Finished it for the first time some time ago and have no plans of playing again.

LR - 1999
Another masterpiece. Stucked for long at various spots but made it through.

Chronicles - about 2003, I'm not sure.
Needed a walkthru for the whole VCI section (which I hate btw).

AOD - 2005
Close to the end, memory card screwed. Started again but lost interest. Maybe someday.

PS player here so I never played gold versions.

29-12-05, 18:35
TR1: January/February 1997
I bought and played the rest of the games in order immediatly after they were released. :)

29-12-05, 19:10
Tomb Raider 2: I started in 1997, borrowed it from a friend and played only 3 or 4 levels. I've only had the chance to finish it when I bought it in 2002, more or less. But still it was my very first Tomb Raider :p

Tomb Raider 3:bought it in 2000, still with my old computer and some problems (the game was sooo sloow due to graphic problems) but still finished it.

Tomb Raider 4:got it in 2000 also but still due to some problems in my computer, I only got to play it in 2003, when I bought a new computer. Half way thorugh it, I lost interest and only finished it much later.

Tomb Raider 3: The Lost Artifact: a gift from my cousin in 2001, played it and finished it in a flash (oh the sweet addiction)

Tomb Raider Chronicles: another gift from my cousin somewhere in 2002. Played it with a little of her help.

Tomb Raider: The Prophecy: my brother bought the GBA, I bought the game :p in 2003

Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness: bought it in 2004. Again I soon lost interest in it and replayed it later, finally finishing it.

Tomb Raider 1:bought it this year when I saw it with a discount and played it maddly lol loved every minute of it.

Tomb Raider 1 and 2 Gold: downloaded them in tombraiderchronicles.com some months ago and still haven't finished Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business.

30-12-05, 01:12
Tomb Raider 2 - Jan 1998
I was quite young, i played it at a friends house, always enjoyed opera house and lara's mansion.

Tomb Raider 3 - - Played it at a mates, was quite young, only likes Thames Wharf and Lara's home. ( Got this games in June of the same year )

TR4 - Now we're talking, absolutly loved this game, still quite young, but i managed with a guide. ( Got to the Citadel and gave up ) :(

TRC- My first TR fully completed! I was sooo happy.

TR1- Got to the Khamoon levels, gave up, months later, re-started, i did it!

TR:AoD: This got me really hooked! Took me approx 3 months to complete, still love it 2day.

Now i am focusing on completeing other TR's, when i have some spare time.