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30-12-05, 04:46
Mine would have to be when I got the demo of TR2. I booted it up, and started fiddling around with different buttons to see what did what. So I hit one button, and I saw Lara go to her backpack, pull out a red stick thing, and light it. I immediatly thought 'Ahhhhh!!', threw it away in one direction, and ran off in the other, thinking she had got out and lit a stick of dynamite. I sat there for a while waiting to hear a giant BOOM noise. Then eventually, the light emiting from the red thing went out. Turns out it was a flare.

Anyone else got any stories? :)

30-12-05, 04:49
Haha, yours is interesting! :p I think one of my most interesting was when I first played the series, TR III to be exact, I was in the starting room (Lara's room) in the mansion. I had no idea what to do, never having played a TR game in my life, so I pressed foreward + right and ran sort of diagonally near the fireplace. Then I thought it'd be a clever idea to try and press every button I could, and ended up making her do a sort of side jump right into the fireplace. It was hilarious, then I made her run around while lit on fire. Cruel but hilarious. :D

30-12-05, 04:53
I tried bumping into a wall constantly to see if her boobs would pop. :whi:

30-12-05, 05:15
I tried bumping into a wall constantly to see if her boobs would pop. :whi:

i was always fancinated how great big a jumps her boobs went from tr 1 to tr2.
I remember the end of the game where she begins to turn on the shower and iwas like OMG is she really gonna and i didint realize it but my head was getting close to the screen till finally she looked back at me and picked up her shot gun and shot me....

man wat a disapointment.

30-12-05, 05:25
I saved my game.

I saved my game right before.

I saved my game right before I landed.

I saved my game right before I landed at the end of a very loooooong drop that would result in Lara breaking her neck/back.

What's even funnier is that when I loaded the save, she landed, had no health but was still alive. Hit the large medi-pack button and continued.

30-12-05, 10:13
LOLs! :jmp:

One of the funniest things i've ever done is was in the AoD. I was in the Sanitarium with Kurtis, than I met with a zombee, but I didn't have ammo, so I've decided to guide it to that acid pool, than kick it in. THe things went right, I've kicked it into the pool, than I wanted to turn around, and instead of pressing the jump button, I've presed the roll button and I fell in the acid pool right next to that zombee! When I saw the kurtis-zombee couple I remarked: 'Awwww, how sweet are they!' :vlol:

30-12-05, 10:34
I remember trying out the All Weapons -cheat in TR2, of course the same way it worked in TR1.

When she blew up I had a small "Alriiiiight, I must've done something wrong there..." :p

30-12-05, 11:16
Used the look button and was leaning at the same time to try and see through the wall in a badly made custom level and ended up leaning so far on my chair and it tipped and I ended up on the floor with my joypad ripped out of the computer pulling out a few other wires with it.

30-12-05, 11:16
I saved my game in the Temple of Xian , but i didn't see i was in a room with spike walls comin' after me , i was in panic then cause i thought i had to play the lvl whole again , but i luckily escaped from the spikes in time