View Full Version : Funny Hot Chocolate story!

30-12-05, 08:06
Hey, I was just going downstairs before and I was carrying a cup of hot chocolate. On my way down I fell and tumbled down the stairs.

Funny thing was the hot chocolate had no leaked out the cup! It was still in the mug!

But As I went into the kitchen I slipped on the wet floor and it went all over me. Now I'm covered in chocolate.

Im OK:p But I will get a few bruses

30-12-05, 09:32
LoL Sorry to hear that....The same thing happened to me once, but the bad part was that I slipped and some of it got in my hair...

30-12-05, 09:34
I slipped and some of it got in my hair...

That must have been a tradgedy!
We all know how much Matt loves his hair:p

tlr online
30-12-05, 09:51
I thought this was going to be a GTA story :p

30-12-05, 09:56
LOL!!! :vlol: Nice one tlr! :tmb:
Hmmm... :pi:
Why did you think that? Have you actually used that mod? :mis:

30-12-05, 10:44
Lol tlr :D

Im forever falling over, or spilling drink, or smashing plates and cups.

Im very clumsy :D

tlr online
31-12-05, 03:17

All this talk of chocolate, coupled with this image, is making me consider the blizzard conditions at 0300 to buy some. :(


31-12-05, 03:25
Yummy, tlr I want that hot chocolate! :D Hope you're okay, Anthony! Luckily the hot chocolate wasn't hurt... :p

31-12-05, 04:22
what a wierd story! U think you're safe and then WOOPS! You slip! hehehehe. Hey I want some of that hot chocolate too! YUM :D

SpongeBob Lover
31-12-05, 05:06
that must suck anthony:(

once I got a call at 7:00 in the morning, it was one of my friends and i was getting ready for school, she said she had to borrow some clothes cause she went to krispy cream and spilled hot chocalate all over her pance and it looked like she peed, if i wasnt there she had that big stain at school looking liked she peed, talk about weird:rolleyes: