tlr online
31-12-05, 02:00
Dear fine forum folk.

We had a database corruption this evening. I had no alternative other than to restore a database backup from this afternoon. All posts made after 13:00 this afternoon are no longer available.

I'm sorry for the continued problems we're having. Our new dedicated server will be ready on Tue. This has been confirmed. Our new server is a dual P4 with 1GB RAM and 2x80GB RAID HDD. It will be more than capable of powering our fine forum.

Once more I must ask for your patience and continued support, because that is all I can do.


31-12-05, 02:02
I'm reminded of Star Trek: Generations.

As frustrating as it is for us...i'm sure it goes doubly for you.

tlr online
31-12-05, 02:03
You could not possibly imagine how I feel atm, because so many emotions are surging through me.

Soon this will be over.

31-12-05, 02:08
We appreciate all your effort!I think if I was in your place,I 'd have already killed someone,smashed my computer and pushed all my hairs!

In the meanwhile,you've answered my query about the Pms,thanks!In a way,it was quite an irony ( private thought,lol).

31-12-05, 02:09
Thank's TRL. :tmb:
Keep up the good work.
Sometimes its hard being the best :D

31-12-05, 02:11
I'm sorry this is happening for you tlr.... but we can clearly see that your putting your best efforts. :hug:
We can all be patient and wait until things are sorted out. :)

31-12-05, 02:33
So sorry to hear this, Justin. I was going through withdrawl this afternoon because I couldn't get on. :( Don't worry, everything will come with time. Thanks for all your effort, again! :hug:

31-12-05, 02:40
Dear fine forum master TLR.

We all realise that you are only doing your very best for this forum which is your child.

Some of today's posts erased so what, it means nothing.

The new server will be so fast that nobody can complain! :tmb:

That is all.


31-12-05, 03:03
Last time I had a problem like that it wasn't so easily fixed. Unfortunately some little gremlin got into Big Bertha and destroyed some of my Registries. Only solution F-Disc Delete, Reformat hard drive and Reload Windows. Lost the :cen: lot. Luckily I had most of it burnt to CD, but I still lost a lot.:hea: :hea:

31-12-05, 04:26
no worries TLR, You're doing the best you can! And in a few days, everything will be better :hug:

31-12-05, 09:10
You dont have to worry tlr,

We believe in you and that everything is gonna be fine...

I really admire you for all the energy you put in this forum (and TRC)


31-12-05, 09:37
Oh well, it surely is inconvenient, but I guess there's no helping it.

Thanks again to TLR for all his hard work :hug:


31-12-05, 11:40
Best of luck trl :hug: :tmb: there is no pressure at all

31-12-05, 12:21

31-12-05, 12:23
Hope all goes well; good work and good luck.

31-12-05, 12:24
That's OK, but Elen will have to upload my new avatar again. :P
That's the third time she uploads avatars for me in five days!

Hope the forum stays stabile. :)

31-12-05, 12:34
:) Thanks tlr.

31-12-05, 14:32
One word Justin: Relax :).

I was wondering where my posts went from yesterday Lol. Well good to know of an explination. Just enjoy your new years eve :). Hmmm... It's gonna take a bit of getting used to for this forum. How do I upload my avi again? Lol.

See ya after Jan 4th or so :).

31-12-05, 14:52
Don't worry too much, Justin. In the end it will work out allright and I know you're doing a really great job as ist is.

Actually I am quite relieved: when I logged on, I went straight to the Tech. Forum and a whole page was missing :confused: .
I also knew that I had a PM waiting for me that all of the sudden was no longer there :yik: .
So at least I now know that I am not going mad on the last day of the year :D .

31-12-05, 15:01
Gabi, you didn't get my PM yesterday?

31-12-05, 15:07
tlr cmon . Its just a bit of data loss. :hug:

31-12-05, 15:14
Gabi, you didn't get my PM yesterday?

Check yours now ;) .

31-12-05, 15:20

Jacob x5
31-12-05, 15:44
There's no pressure tlr; you're doing a fine job! :tmb:

Strange, I haven't lost any posts. What time is it where you are? Over here it is 15:45, so I may have been asleep when this happened. :D Lucky me!

Tomb Raider Master
31-12-05, 16:19
Ah, so that's the problem. ;) You certainly got me worried a bit... But thanks for everything you're doing to make this wonderful place better! :tmb: :hug:

ben croft
31-12-05, 16:55
Thanks for the info, tlr.

31-12-05, 17:13
This would explain the posts/threads I lost yestarday, I guess these things happen. GJ on the fix.

Mona Sax
31-12-05, 18:05
Thanks for the info tlr. :wve:

31-12-05, 18:31
Thanks alot for all the work you are doing for this forum TLR :)

What do you plan to do with the old server by the way?

Mary CF
31-12-05, 22:04
You could not possibly imagine how I feel atm, because so many emotions are surging through me.

Soon this will be over.

Are... are you okay? You sound very put-off by this...

I'm sure it'll all be fine. :D

tlr online
01-01-06, 05:02
Thanks alot for all the work you are doing for this forum TLR :)

What do you plan to do with the old server by the way?
I'm going to drop it off the end of South Parade Pier so it may sleep with the fishes for all eternity.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Veronica Ma
02-01-06, 01:19
Holy Cow! I felt like "Alice in Wonderland" for a few minutes, there. :vlol:
I know it's been a while since i last visited but.. Jan.1/70? :vlol:

I feel so sorry for you Justin... here, have a virtual hug. :hug:

02-01-06, 01:52
tlr I have missed the last coupla weeks but may I tell you everything here is fine! Thank you for everything! :hug:

[I hope writing "coupla" is OK - I now have quite a powerful command of English words but learnt this new abbreviation from someone today I do not completely trust! I think she may be teasing me!]

I'm going to drop it off the end of South Parade Pier:vlol:

H4L :wve:

02-01-06, 02:03
Fear not, 'coupla' is the way many people say 'couple of'.

02-01-06, 02:20
Thanks Neteru. I thought so but was not confident.

You have a coupla good night kisses! :)

H4L :wve:

Capt. Murphy
02-01-06, 15:10
Maybe this is what happened to one of my posts. I did mention something about another forum and the next time I logged on the post was missing. I got to thinking I did something bad. Now I know what it must've been. :o