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31-12-05, 09:11
Passenger Exiled! 30 Dec 2005 21:20:00

By Vagelis Theodorou

A Monarch Airlines passenger started off his Christmas holidays on Tenerife with a 36-hour delay. The reason for his was the punishment imposed on him by the pilot, as he became abusive towards the crew and the rest of the passengers when he was refused more alcohol. The flight from Manchester, Britain, to one of largest and most popular of the Canary Islands started off well and the passenger in question, probably very excited in view of his holidays, started drinking heavily on board. When it became obvious that he was intoxicated, the crew refused to serve him any more drinks, so he started verbally assaulting everyone on the plane.

The pilot was then briefed of the situation and decided to dump him on Porto Santo, a small island of the Atlantic, close to Madeira, with less than 5,000 inhabitants, six hotels and a handful of sandy beaches. The other 211 passengers continued their flight as normal.

And as the plane was landing on Tenerife four hours later, Porto Santo Police found the intoxicated passenger, who will appear in court on mainland Portugal in January. The holidays of the drunken castaway commenced as soon as he sobered up and after first going to Madeira.