View Full Version : A very old joke for New Year's Eve

Jacob x5
31-12-05, 12:37
This is a very old joke that I learned yesterday.

A pianist is sitting at a piano and a man goes up to him and says, "do you know your shirt's hanging out?" and the pianist says, "you hum it and I'll play it."

:p :D

31-12-05, 12:45

I just got that - I'm so slow today.

31-12-05, 12:56
I'm so slow I had to ask Jacob personally on msn .. lol .. hahahaha

31-12-05, 16:15
Hehe, I hadn't heard that before :tmb:

31-12-05, 17:09
That's a good one! :p :D

31-12-05, 17:13
:vlol: I read it 3 times and then I got it XD

ben croft
31-12-05, 18:20
I don't understand it. Someone help me! :cln:

31-12-05, 18:22
When he said 'do you know your shirt's hanging out?' the other man thought he was talking about the name of a piece of music. It's not so funny when it's been explained...

31-12-05, 18:23

ben, the pianist thought that the man was asking for music :)

ben croft
31-12-05, 18:33
Ah... now I got it. :D

Thanks ELEN and Ampersand.

It's a funny joke. :D

31-12-05, 18:35
Yes, it's a good one, and a new one to me. I just hope we didn't spoil it... :pi:

Jacob x5
31-12-05, 20:15
Well explaining a joke does tend to ruin it, but nevermind. :ton: :wve:

31-12-05, 20:28
Whoops. :o :wve: