View Full Version : i need some help

01-01-06, 00:21
does anybody know a sitethat can lower mb space for video or anything i can use to lower mb space

01-01-06, 00:54
If you lack free space on your pc, you need to delete files. No website can do it for you.

01-01-06, 01:17
I guess the only way to reduce the size of a video is to remove a few frames, there's loads of video editing software out there.

01-01-06, 02:51
well i have plenty of space but i have uploaded videos for people to see and the space is to big for them to dowload

01-01-06, 16:46
You mean the file size is too big. If you are using XP, you can reduce the file size by re-encoding them in Movie Maker. Check out your Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories.