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01-01-06, 11:37
What did you guys get for new years? I got Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball lol.

Jacob x5
01-01-06, 11:42
News years presents? :confused:

01-01-06, 11:46
News years presents? :confused:
I didn't say that I said New years presents lol.

Jacob x5
01-01-06, 11:49
You know what I mean. :ton:

... ... ...

New years presents? :confused:

01-01-06, 11:51
Oh right. I'm just spoilt lol.:ton:

Jacob x5
01-01-06, 11:53
I open them all on Christmas day.

Then again, I suppose I did get that magnificent fireworks display in London on the telly. It was just as spectacular as last year. :wve:

01-01-06, 12:17
No New Year's presents for me. I'm perfectly content with what I got for Christmas. :)

But we did have a 'fireworks display' - right outside our house until one in the morning, I couldn't see anything but couldn't sleep because of the noise. My poor dog Phoebe was scared out of her wits and shaking like a leaf. Then you could hear the party-goers reeling around drunk outside.

Happy New Year to them, I thought, as I donned my mask and took out my chainsaw... :mis:

01-01-06, 15:43
I didn't go to a fireworks display. It was kinda late for me lol. But I watched the fireworks display on tv though. It was beautiful!:)

01-01-06, 15:49

01-01-06, 15:50
New Years presents ? :p
I just open them all on X-mass

01-01-06, 15:53
:ton: I didn't get much on Christmas lol.